Difference between 3 Star Vs 5 Star AC: Is 5 Star Worth The Extra Cost?

Are you looking to buy an Ac and are confused between choosing the 3 star AC and the 5 stars AC? Then, we got you covered with all the tea.

Ac is a must, especially in India and the constant summers. So it is really important for us to have Ac to have that cooling we need.

What are 5 stars and 3 stars, AC?

If you are hunting for an AC, we are sure you would have heard the word 3 stars, 5 stars, multiple times.

The star rating is the energy efficiency of the AC or any electronics for that matter. The more the number of star ratings, the lesser energy it requires to run.

So a 5 star AC consumes way less power when compared to a 3 star AC and a 3 star Consumes way less power when compared to an AC with no star ratings.

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The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India, sets the star rating standards, which makes it reliable.

Why choose a 5 star or 3 stars AC?

AC is something that consumes quite a lot of power, and we all agree with that. But that doesn’t stop us from using an AC.

We want to use AC, but we also want to reduce the electricity bills. So to reduce the power consumption, we can opt for 5 stars ACs or even 3 Star AC.

There is also an AC power measuring standard called ISEER, which is the value that denotes the power consumption of the AC. the more the ISEER value, the lesser the power it consumes. 

5 Star or 3 Star, which is better?

If you are concerned about power consumption and electricity bills, then you can go ahead and choose 5-star ACs.

If you want an AC with Low Power Consumption which is a little affordable too, then you can go ahead and choose the 3 Star AC.

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3 Star and 5 Star ACs do have other features as well, like the Convertible feature, Different Modes and Inverter technology too.

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Star Rating0.75 ton1.0 ton1.5 ton2.0 ton
3-Star542 Watts747 Watts1104 Watts1448 Watts
5-Star450 Watts554 Watts840 Watts1113 Watts

Source: Daikin 

But what about the price?

Yes, you are right. The 5 stars and the 3-star ACs cost you more money than the normal ACs. But if you think about it, the extra money you pay for the AC is very much lesser when compared to the money you are going to save from the electricity bills.

It reduces power consumption and saves you a ton of money. So spending a little extra on buying them is a great investment.

Any other features?

There are quite a few factors that impact the power consumption of an AC.

Convertible: The 5-star ACs and the 3 Star ACs do have some convertible features, which means you can adjust the efficiency of the AC according to your requirements which makes it easier for you to use the AC even with an inverter. Cool right?

Modes: There are a lot of ACs these days that come with different modes like Economy mode, Instant cool mode etc.., which you can use to adjust the efficiency of the AC.

3 Star Vs 5 Star AC

Specs3 Star 5 Star
Power Consumption1000 on average500 – 600 on average
Size0.8 ton to 2 ton1 to 2 ton
Price30000 Approx35000 Approx
  • Convertible 

The 3 Star and the 5 Star ACs do come with convertible modes where you can change the running capacity of the AC according to your wish.

  • Modes

Both 3 Star and 5 Star ACs have different modes like eco mode, Turbo cool mode, etc.., and make it easier for you to use the AC.

  • Power Consumption

The 3 Star ACs do consume more power than the 5 Star AC. The average power consumption of 3 Star AC is 1000W average, and the 5 Star AC is 500 – 600W.

  • Size

The 3 Star ACs do come in the size range of 0.8 tons to 2 tons, whereas the 5 Star comes in 1 to 2 ton sizes.

  • Price

The Price Range of the 3 Star AC is 30000 Approx whereas the Price range of the 5 stars AC is 35000 Approx.

Pros of a Higher Star Rated AC

  • More the stars, more the money you save on electricity bills.

    Yes, with High Star rated ACs, you end up spending way lesser money on electricity bills than you would with a traditional ACs
  • More the Stars more efficiently, the AC works.

    Yes, the Higher Star Rated ACs are more efficient and provide better cooling.

Cons of a High Star Rated AC

The 5 Star and the 3 stars ACs have come with ISEER value which determines the power consumption. ISEER value changes with time and after a certain duration of usage. It makes the AC consume more power than it consumes at the beginning.

It also starts performing like a 1 star AC after a couple of years which is a little disappointing. However, it definitely saves you a lot of money on electricity bills at earlier stages which we can’t deny.

The more the number of stars, the more the cooling it provides, and the more power it saves.


Now that you know what a 3 star and 5 star AC is. So make sure to choose an AC with a high star, and you will not regret it at all. 

The Star rated ACs also come with a lot of other specifications too, like inverter AC, convertible AC etc.., which further helps you save a lot of money.

What are you waiting for? Buy that AC with a higher Star rating for that high capacity and lesser electricity bills.


1. Which is better: 3 stars or 5 stars?

A 5 star AC is the best option for you. It saves you a lot of money on electricity bills when compared to 3 Star AC. of course, it is expensive when compared to the 3 stars but totally worth it.

2. How do you calculate the power Consumption of AC?

Just calculate the power consumption with the number of hours you run the AC.
Say the average power consumption is 1000W, and you run it for hours a day, so multiply it by 12. 12 * 1000, which is 12000W.

3. Does ISEER value Change after a few years?

According to the ISEER standards themselves, they say that the ISEER value changes after a few years of usage.

4. What are the other factors that impact the Power Consumption of the AC?

1. Number of hours you run the AC
2. Number of people in the room
3. The efficiency of the AC

5. What is the difference in the power of a 1 star and a 5 star AC?

1 star AC consumes more power than 5 star ACs. with 1 star you need to pay more money on electricity bills.
If you are looking to cut down on electricity bills, choose the 5 Star AC.

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