What is AC Power Consumption and How to Calculate it?

Are you sick of crazy electricity bills? Do you overuse your AC and are looking for a way to calculate your AC Power consumption? If yes, you have reached the right place. With the climate we have, it is impossible to live without ACs. ACs do consume a considerable amount of power, and it definitely is one of the major reasons for high electricity bills, and we can’t deny that. However, there are a few ACs with Low Power Consumption that you can you can choose from and with the right usage, you can reduce the power consumption for AC.

But first,

What are the factors that are involved in AC power Consumption?

  • ISEER value: ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), which is the ratio of the amount of heat that the AC removes to the amount of power it consumes annually. Higher the ISEER, lower the power consumption.
  • Star rating: Star rating is one of the first things that we notice while buying an AC. The more the number of stars, the less energy it consumes. With 5 stars being the highest star rating, it consumes the lowest power and is very efficient. The 5-star ACs are energy efficient, and it saves tons of money on electricity bills.
  • AC type: The type of your AC( window, split, centralised) determines the power consumption. Researchers claim that the window AC consumes more energy than split ACs.
  • Size: The size of the AC determines the power consumption too. The larger the AC, more the power it consumes, as it provides cooling to a larger area when compared to smaller ACs.
  • Ambient temperature: The temperature of the surrounding plays an important role in the power consumption of the AC. Higher the temperature, the more the power consumption.
  • A number of people: We don’t normally think about the number of people in a room when it comes to AC’s power consumption, but it does make a difference. The power the AC consumes to cool a room with 2-3 people is a lot less than it takes to cool a room with 10 people.
  • Maintenance: If you feel like your AC has been consuming quite a lot of power, it might need service or maintenance. Make sure to get your AC checked for gas and refill it if needed.

How to calculate the power consumption of AC?

Yes, ACs do consume a lot of energy, but how do we even calculate that?

The AC comes with a certain wattage, often indicated as W and all you have to do is, multiply it by the hours you use your AC., and you get the AC power consumption.

The average cost of 1 unit of electricity in India is ₹5.43 

Let’s say,

If your AC runs for 8 hours a day and the wattage is 1.5 w for 30 days,

Your AC consumes 8 * 1.5 * 30, which is 360 watts for a month.

If 1 unit costs you 5.43 rupee, then for a month, you would end up paying 5.43 * 360 watts which is ₹1,954 for your AC.

Things to look for before buying a new AC for lesser power consumption

There are a few things you need to look for before buying an AC.

  • 1. ISEER: As discussed above, get an AC with a high ISEER value to save money on electricity as it consumes way less power.
  • 2. Star Rating: Choose a high star rating, preferable 5 stars, to reduce power consumption to a larger extent.
  • 3. Reviews: Make sure to read reviews and specifications of the AC you are about to buy.
  • 4. Convertible: Convertible ACs are something where you can change the cooling capacity and the efficiency of the AC according to your requirements.
  • 5. Temperature: The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) India recommends that users keep the temperature of the AC to 24 degrees to reduce the power consumption.


AC definitely consumes quite a lot of energy. So choosing an AC needs a lot of research. If you ask for a single piece of advice from us, we would suggest you get an AC with a 5-star rating and make sure to maintain them if and when needed to get the maximum use out of it with low power consumption if the budget isn’t a constraint for you.


1. What is a convertible AC, and how does it help to save energy?

Convertible AC is where you can adjust the efficiency of the AC according to your needs.
For example,
Say you have 1.5 tons of AC in a medium-sized room, and you are all alone. If the AC operates to its full capacity, it does not just consume more power; it provides cooling that is too much for you to handle. 
So here, you can convert the cooling mode and change it according to your preference.

2. Does the ISEER value affect the power consumption of the AC?

The ISEER value denotes the ratio of Heat the AC removes to the power it consumes. Anything value above 3.5 or 4 is a good ISEER value for a 1.5 ton AC.

3. Do I need a stabiliser to cut down the power consumption?

Although some ACs claim they don’t need a stabiliser, it is always a good idea to be extra safe and get yourself a stabiliser for your AC.

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