7 Reasons Why AC Causes High Electric Bills

Are you worried about the spike in your electricity bills? Are You confused about the reason why your AC causes High Electricity Bills? We have listed below the top 7 reasons why AC causes high electricity bills.

We all want ACs to protect us from the scorching sun. But the electricity bill gives us a mini heart attack. So to reduce the electricity bills, make sure not to do any of the below mentioned reasons, and you will get to see a considerable change in your Electricity bills next month.

7 reasons why AC causes High Electricity Bills

1. Low Refrigerant

One of the main reasons for the spike in the electricity bill due to the AC is the Low refrigerant. Refrigerant is one of the most important factors that affect the cooling of the AC. So if the refrigerant is low, it does not provide efficient cooling, and we need to run the AC for longer hours than we normally would. It definitely impacts the power consumption and spikes up the electricity bill.

So make sure to get your Refrigerant Level checked if you face low cooling issues.

2. Bad Maintenance 

Maintaining the AC is very important when it comes to cooling your AC. They need to be maintained and serviced frequently. If you have missed out on maintaining or servicing the AC, make sure you do that. It might be one of the reasons why your AC is consuming more power.

3. Dirty Filters

Dirty Filters are yet another reason your AC’s power consumption is high. The ACs come with Filters which need to be dusted and washed off pretty frequently to get efficient cooling. If the filter is dirty, it might block the cooling, and you might need to run the AC for long hours, which increases the power consumption, thus increasing the electricity bills.

4. Temperature

It is important to maintain the running temperature of the AC to make it work with low power. It was stated by the BEE, which is the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, that the ACs should be kept at 24 degrees celsius to reduce the power consumption as the 24 degrees is much closer to human body temperature, which is 38 degrees.

So if you want instant cooling, use the turbo mode or the 18 or 16-degree Celsius temperature but make sure to maintain the average AC temperature of 24 degrees to have a lesser power consumption with efficient cooling.

5. Malfunction

There might be a Malfunction in one or more components of the AC, which might result in higher power consumption. So get the AC parts checked and make sure you mend them.

Have a maintenance check-up for your AC every now and then at least once a year to identify and rectify any issues with the parts of the AC.

6. Ventilation

If there is too much ventilation in the room and if there is open sauce like a loft which does not have any doors or a gap in the window, air might escape through them, and it needs you to run the AC for more hours and spikes your electricity bills.

So make sure to seal all the windows, and have doors for the lofts, and it might help you in saving money on electricity.

7. Installation

AC has both Indoor and outdoor units, which need to be installed properly. If there is even a small mistake in the installation of the AC, it ends up consuming a lot more electricity and will spike up your electricity bills too.

So make sure to ask for professional help and let them install the AC. we do not recommend you to install the AC yourself unless or until you have a good experience doing so.

8. High Ambient temperature

A bonus tip for people who stayed till the end. If the Ambient temperature, that is, the temperature of the surroundings, is high, the AC consumes a lot more power as it needs to work harder to cool the room. So if it is extremely hot outside, it might be one of the reasons why your electricity bills are higher.


With all the info provided, we hope you now know why your electricity bills are higher. One tip we would like to give you is to make sure to maintain the AC properly so that you know if there is any malfunction or repair and you can fix it immediately. As they say, prevention is better than cure, right?

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