Air Cooler Buying Guide

Summers are a very rough and hotter season in India, especially in some parts. Temperatures can go up to a whopping 45 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country. Many people opt for AC or the Air Cooler to beat the scorching summers in India.

However, due to the rising temperature and humid areas are raising the requirements of air coolers more efficiently. Do not sweat out; the air cooler is the best way to get rid of the hotter days around. An air cooler is the next best thing that you can opt for.

They might not bring wintertime, but they’re one-fourth the price of ACs and are easy on the electricity bill. Air Coolers are very cost-effective, and they prove to be very comfortable. Look down below to understand what you need to know before you buy.

How do they work?

how evaporative cooler works

Air coolers are box-like units that contain a fan, pump, and water-soaked pads. The cooler needs to fit with the appropriate amount of water when needed. When you switch on the air cooler, the hot air in the surrounding circulated by the cooler and sent through the water-cooled pads, it lowers the air temperature.

Air coolers work based on the evaporation process. Instead of using chemicals to cool the space, air coolers use fresh air and water.

The way sweating cools your body; the air coolers cool the room in the same way. Water vapor is introduced into the air to raises humidity and lowers the temperature. It is a very ancient method of cooling.

Types of Air Coolers

Various types of air coolers are as follows:

Desert Coolers

Desert Colors are the best options if you are looking for a cooling unit for mid-sized or large rooms. These are the large air coolers that have high capacity and airflow. These coolers are available with colorful changeable panels. The cooler fits outside the window of your room, and it takes air from the outside only. The fan in Air cooler is used to cool down the surrounding.

It usually provides better cooling. But more space, water, and power are needed for the desert cooler. Coolers have powerful features, which generate uniform cooling in these hotter days. Desert coolers are for dry regions. Honeycomb pads, desert coolers provide instant relief with its cooling air. The desert cooler is ideal if you wish to beat the combat extreme heat.

Personal Cooler
personal air cooler

Personal Coolers are ideal for smaller rooms and are than Desert Coolers. An own cooler is good to go with for a little one. Compact coolers are suitable for compact homes. The Honeycomb pads are placed at the back & side grill of the more relaxed and ensure for soothing cooling in your room. The personal coolers absorb the dust particles from the surroundings and are anti-erosive, which makes them extremely durable.

Tower Coolers
air conditioner 1 1

The tower coolers offer much cooling, and they even do not occupy much floor space. They are very slim and look exceptionally significant in your rooms. They cool every nook and corner of your room very effectively. These are ideal for mid-sized to large rooms. It has a high capacity to provide cooling air. The smart auto-fill feature fills the cooler itself. These types of coolers are a hassle-free task. The Powerful Air Delivery feature of 2300 m3/hr makes it the best cooler. Some other features like 4 Way Deflection for uniform air distribution & Ice Chamber make them the most opted coolers of the country.

Window Coolers

The window coolers are the best coolers for the rooms with windows, and the floor space is less. Features like powerful air delivery and ergonomically design makes sure that the chilled air supplies to the entire room. This cooler occupies only the window space, and hence they are perfect for the small rooms and offices. The air coolers with wood wool pads are ideal for summers and provide instant relief from the heat. Our window coolers also come with a water-level indicator, so you know when you’re running low and fill it in time. If the room size is less than 100 sqft, in this case, window coolers are a good one. It is compact optimum air cooling as per your room needs.

Mini Cooler
fan 1

The mini cooler fits perfectly and provides cooling to the room that, too, in the best way. As the name suggests, the mini coolers are suitable for cooling small rooms only. They are ideal for the rooms with less space, so these mini coolers easily fit into the small corners and do not occupy much space. It is one of the most reasonable options to stay in a more relaxed place. These are good at providing cold air and can easily reach the corners of the space. Mini coolers have an additional feature, which is the 2.0 USB port. It serves as a convenient tool for charging your small devices.

Difference between an Air cooler and Air Conditioner

personal air cooler


air conditioner

The summers are scorching in India, and almost everyone looks for ways to cool down. A regular fan is not able to beat the scorching heat of the summers. So you decide to opt for more heavy-duty equipment. You look out for two options: Air Cooler and Air Conditioner. Suddenly you are confused. So what is the difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner? Below mentioned are the difference between an Air Cooler and Air Conditioner:

The cost of an air conditioner is more as compared to the air coolers.
The air conditioner’s indoor air quality is re-circulated by the direct air, whereas indoor air quality by air cooler is fresh and filtered cold air.
The cooling agents used by the air conditioner are refrigerants or coolants, whereas the cooling agent used by air cooler is water.
The maintenance of the air conditioner is complex, whereas maintenance of air cooler is much accessible.
An air conditioner can only be used for indoor purposes, whereas air cooler can be used both indoor and outdoor.
High carbons emissions are done by the air conditioner, which is not suitable for a person’s health, whereas air coolers are environment friendly.
Air conditioners are ideal for all-weather, whereas, in humid condition, air cooler won’t work correctly.


A person needs to buy the right air cooler that is best for the person’s home is certainly going to make their summers much more comfortable. There are many options to choose from, but you should always choose what best suits your requirement. Technology is continuously changing from the past few years. Still, the main thing is that the essential workings have remained the same; the components of air cooler have seen an upgrade in terms of quality and performance, ultimately benefiting the person. That is why the person needs to look for these critical features when getting a new air cooler.

Indoor Air Cooler or Outdoor Air Cooler

In simple terms, an indoor air cooler is a compact version of the old/traditional air cooler and often comes with caster wheels, which make it easier for the person to move them. Most of the indoor air coolers have a smaller water tank to prevent them from being overly heavy to move. An indoor air cooler is ideal for those people who have little to mid-size rooms.

Outdoor air coolers are often called desert coolers and are more extensive, and they may require a stand or mount for their placement. Traditionally, all the outdoor air coolers were fixed units, but modern designs from most of the brands added more portability features to most of the devices. Outdoor coolers have huge tanks than the middle and compact size coolers.

Cooling Pad Technology

It is an essential part of air coolers, which has received a significant upgrade in modern air coolers. Air coolers used in the earlier times use cooling pads or cooling media that are made from wood shavings and synthetic fibers. Those cooling pads of the previous times have lower water retention capabilities and also need higher maintenance. These aspen wood cooling pads that are now used are also quite fragile and susceptible to damage during the installation of air coolers. The cooling pads are available easily are also quite cheap.

Most of the modern air coolers use Honeycomb design cooling pads that are made from cellulose material. Stylish cooling pads have higher water retention capability, which in turn increases the cooling efficiency of the air cooler and cools the room much faster. The honeycomb design is also more durable, and it does not require frequent replacements than aspen wood cooling pads. The price is more but makes up for the price difference with their long service life.

Copper Fan Motor

Copper is one of the efficient conductors of electricity, and hence it offers longer life and low power consumption. When a person is buying a new air cooler, it is better to opt for the one which has a copper made by a fan and pump internals. It will automatically lead to reductions in the electricity bill of the person.

Ice Cube Tray

A new feature is introduced with the portable, indoor air coolers; it allows the person to add icy water to the tank for the quicker cooling of the room. However, if a person adds too much ice can, it can prevent the evaporation from occurring and reduce the cooling. So, one should use this feature as per directions in the instruction manual or product demo.

Inverter Compatibility

Air coolers indeed consume way less power than air conditioners, so most of them can be used with inverters. However, not all of the air coolers will perform on inverters. So those air coolers are made locally are not as efficient as modern air coolers with the copper wiring and internals. Typically, one can run a branded, inverter compatible air cooler as it will ultimately benefit the person. an inverter is more than enough to run these air coolers.

Water Level Indicator

There is one convenient feature that will allow a person to know about the tank’s water level without having to peep around through the cooling media and fan grill.

Tower Design

The design of the air cooler is a sub-type of the indoor air cooler. If a person lives in an urban home with a limited carpet area, they must consider these air coolers to save space and increase portability.

Remote Control and Digital Features

Lastly, most of the modern air coolers come with feature like AC-like remote functions and digital control panels that offer convenience to the person and has better fan-speed control. 

Benefits of Air Cooler

Effectiveness of Coolers in Various Temperatures


Air coolers are the one that works the best in hot and dry climates. The working of the air coolers depends upon the process of evaporation of water into the atmosphere, if more water evaporates, then the air will be more cooling. Then the air cooler will not be able to hold more water, so the air will not cool to the extent that it would cool in drier climates.

Hence higher the level of humidity, then lesser will be the effect of the air coolers. Nowadays, most of the manufacturers are trying to make those air coolers with a feature called ‘Humidity Control’ to overcome this drawback. Many of the leading brands of air coolers such as Bajaj and Symphony manufacture models that are having special features for controlling the humidity, and it can be used in humid coastal regions as well.

Apart from the climatic conditions, even the cooling pads can be used to contribute to efficiency. Different cooling pads used for different coolers’ have a significant effect on water absorption and the evaporation process. The two popular designs used are the honeycomb and the aspen (wood wool).

There is much difference in both patterns: the capacity to absorb water and facilitate the passage of air through it. It can be said that Aspen pads are approximately 75% efficient in contrast to honeycomb pads that are about 85% efficient. 

Power consumption


Air coolers consume less power when compared to air conditioners. A 1-ton AC would approximately consume 0.8 units in an hour, whereas an air cooler that is of the equivalent size of room would only consume an approximate of 0.1 units in an hour. Similarly, if we consider a 1.5-ton AC would consume about 1.2-1.3 units in an hour, the air cooler is equivalent to the size of the room would only consume an approximate of 0.12 units in an hour.

Higher the consumption of energy, then it will lead to higher electricity bills. Hence along with being eco-friendly, air coolers are also pocket friendly for the people! The power consumed by most air coolers is much less than that of the air conditioners, so the savings in electricity for an individual is very much significant. The low cost of coolers is good at saving lots of power, which is an excellent option to opt for the buyer. 

Material Used

Another factor that is to be considered is the material that is used to make the air cooler. The air coolers with fiber body look more elegant than their steel body counterparts, but they have smaller cooling pad areas. Therefore, fiber coolers have lesser cooling efficiency when compared to the steel body coolers. Galvanized steel body offers the protection to air coolers against rusting, and hence it will give longer life to the air coolers along with that too with increased efficiency.

Climatic Condition


Portable air coolers help an individual at improving the health as well by crossing natural air. It works based on water and air. The air coolers pass through is always cold and fresh, which never causes any sort of allergies to the body or skin. All of these units are highly recommended for those areas of high heat, and low humidity, a portable air cooler is the one that can offer a small bit of moisture needed in the air to make the person’s breathing space more accessible and more comfortable. Air coolers are much beneficial for everyone in these environments, whether they already run an air conditioner or the central air cooling unit in their home.



The portable versions to the air coolers are lovely additions and can run anywhere to offer the moisture needed in the dry, stuffy air. Air coolers are good at allowing individual enough moisture in their surroundings. It will be great for the person to buy portable coolers. Even air coolers will be good for the person to keep the health better. One should purchase portable air coolers so that they can shift their pieces from one place to another. Air coolers can kill bacteria around and provide a fresh and cool environment.

There are different air cooler models available, which offer a different level of clean and fresh air about. Air coolers are the ones that are a perfect addition to any home. Coolers are a healthy way to spend the summertime. The coolers are convenient to provide natural cooling, which meets the needs and requirements of the human. No doubt, Air Conditioners are common nowadays; but air coolers are worth buying.


cost effective

The cost of air coolers is too low compared to an air conditioner (AC), which means a person has to make a more economical investment! These small air cooling systems of the air cooler pack a punch in a cool, fresh, and refreshing atmosphere in a limited area. Even if you buy portable air coolers, it is also quite inexpensive types of in today’s market. Even the portable air coolers are way better than air conditioners. It is good to buy as they are affordable to get, and the owner can complete their installation.

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Coolers are portable as well. Portable models are too convenient to use for sure. The portable air coolers shifts anywhere you want at any time. Different models of air coolers are available with casters that can be shifted anywhere in different rooms to keep the entire surrounding refresh. There are many models available in lightweight (approximately 13 pounds) and can easily port to different places and carried for even more convenience.

Take your model to the working room and work correctly in your refreshing and cooling environment. Air cooler allows the house makers also to work well in the kitchen. Whether they want to run it in the bedroom or out on a hot enclosed sun porch depends upon the person. The choice is yours; either you want to make your life easier with air cooler or just ruin your summertime. Hence, it is most convenient for the consumer to place the cooler in the room that they want to cool.

Installation and Maintenance

installation and maintenance

These units are easy to install. An adult can easily do the job. There is no hose to connect or compressor to deal with as portable air conditioners have. Because the air cooler’s work is to convert warm air to cool, all the air cooler needs are to be positioned by a window.

Open the window an inch or more, according to the directions that come with your unit. One has not to worry about letting warm air in; it needs the model to then cool that air and cool the person’s room. One has to simply plug the unit into a regular electric outlet to start. One has to pour water into the tank then.

Then they have to point the front of the air cooler to where they want the cold air directed. Then one has to turn it on and enjoy the fresh cold air. One has to keep water in the more cooling tank as this will keep the pads wet and the cooler operating sufficiently.

The owner can easily do maintenance without any expensive professional fees attached. Most of the coolers come with an instruction manual that will walk the owner through any problems and tell the person how to fix them. Make sure to follow all instructions on maintenance for their unit. A well-maintained unit will run at peak performance and will cool the air efficiently throughout each day.

Know the Essential Factors to Find the Right Cooler

Choose the right Capacity and Room Size

room size

One should choose the air cooler according to their room size, or else it will create a problem for them. It is imperative to have a cooler of the right size if the cooler is smaller than the required size, it will have to work for a longer time to cool the room so it may consume more energy depending on the difference in wattage of the small and right-sized coolers.

If the cooler’s capacity is below 15 L and room size is up to 100 sq. Ft, it is suitable for kids’ rooms or other small areas of the person’s house or office. Air delivery is up to 650 cubic meters/ hour.
If the capacity of the air cooler is 11L-30L and room size is up to 300 sq.ft, then it is ideal for cooling small to medium-sized rooms. It is suitable for spaces like the study room, office cabins, and other small rooms.
If the air more cooling capacity is 31-50 L and room size is up to 300-500 sq.ft, then it is ideal for cooling master bedrooms and other large spaces like office areas.
If the capacity of an air cooler is beyond 50 L and room size is beyond 500 sq.ft, then it is ideal for extremely spacious areas like halls, office canteens, boardrooms, and other large rooms.

Support after-sale


One of the critical aspects of purchasing any of the products is their after-sale service, which means the services that are offered by the company after the sale of the product. After-sale services are much more critical then pre-sale services. If the company does not provide after-sale service, then the product is of no use as sometimes it will not work properly or any of the problems can occur, then it is of no use. Nowadays, every of the air more cooling manufacturers offers after-sale services that are a good thing.

Effectiveness of Coolers in Various Temperatures


One especially makes air coolers for the dry weather. In humid conditions, air coolers are not suitable as they won’t be able to cool the place. The air cooler is fixed with wet cooling pads to cool down the place. As a result, the air will not be cooled to the extent of the humid climate as it would cool in drier climates. Hence higher the level of humidity, then lesser will be the effect of the air coolers.

Power consumption, efficiency, and other factors


Air coolers are good at consuming lower power when compared to air conditioners. Higher the use of energy, then it will lead to higher electricity bills. Hence along with being eco-friendly, air coolers are also pocket friendly for the people! The power consumed by most air coolers is much less than that of the air conditioners, so the person’s annual energy saving is significant. So along with lower investment, the cost of using coolers is less than using ACs that are much good for the person.


warranty 1

The warranty of the product is essential because if a product is on a guarantee, it will quickly repair without any charge. Most of the air coolers company offers 12 months warranty on their product. Whenever you buy the air cooler, you should make sure to choose the highly reputable one. The reason behind it is that if you will buy the wrong one and get damaged, you have to pay for it. If there is no warranty, you cannot claim the amount. That is why buy the one that has a reasonable warranty period; at least one year; so that if it gets damaged, you can get it to return or replace it without any loss or trouble. 


The main principle on which air cooler works is evaporative cooling. 

A pump sprinkles water on top of the cooling pads and allows it to trickle down through them. The air coolers work on a straightforward basis. The cooler grabs the hot natural air, and pass the fresh cooling air through the wet cooling pads. The temperature of the airdrops and the fan blows out a current of fresh, cold air. There are three varieties of air coolers that are available: room air coolers (for moderate-sized rooms), personal air coolers (for small or specific areas), and desert air coolers (for large rooms).

There a person has it, a brief buying guide that will help them select the right air cooler for their home. Before a person goes out looking for models, be clear about the type of air cooler that the person wants, based on the climatic conditions in their area. Also, one has to select the right water tank capacity that offers them the optimum cooling without taking up a lot of space. One should also consider the additional features like remote control and caster wheels that can increase the price, but if the person is willing to spend a bit more, then it will be worthwhile. The consumer should first know all the information regarding the air cooler and then choose from the best from it. 

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