What is the latest technology in air conditioners?

Are you looking to buy an AC and are looking for the latest technology? We have your back. ACs have become one of the non-negotiable products, and we can’t deny that.

So it is good to get yourself an upgraded and the latest version of an AC or any appliance for that matter as they do come with a lot of features and work more efficiently.

What are all the Latest Technologies in ACs?

1. Star Ratings

Although the Star Rated Appliances have been in the market for a long time now, it is recently that they have been talked about the most. So if you are looking to buy an AC, make sure to check out the 5Star rated ACs. They are a little more expensive, but they are worth it as they help you save a lot more money on electricity.

2. Energy Efficient ACs

As power consumption is one of the major concerns of using an AC, a few Energy Efficient ACs too consume way less power than normal ACs.

The Energy-efficient ACs have a higher ISEER value ( Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) which is the standard that is set by the BEE( Bureau of Energy Efficiency India) to measure the power consumption.

The higher the ISEER, the lower the power it consumes.

3. Modes

ACs come with several modes these days. They do have Turbo cool or jet cool mode, which instantly cools the room as soon as you turn on the mode.

They also come with Eco or power-saving mode, which reduces the power consumption of the AC and makes sure it runs at its minimum capacity, which can also be connected and used with an inverter.

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4. Wi-Fi

ACs these days come with Wi-Fi enabled features where you can easily connect it with your Wi-Fi and use features like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc… Keeping our comfort in mind, the Wi-Fi-enabled ACs are much easier.

5. Convertible ACs

If you are a newbie to all this technical stuff, you might wonder what a Convertible AC means. Let me break it down for you. Convertible means nothing but changing or altering the running capacity of the AC according to your preference.

For example,

If you are the only one in the room and have a 1.5 ton AC. If the AC runs to its full potential, it not only consumes more power but also makes you freeze. Here is where the convertible feature comes into play.

In the above scenario, instead of letting the AC run at its 100% capacity, you can reduce it to how much ever you want. It is what convertible AC means.

6. AI inverter

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) inverter mode automatically adjusts the temperature of the AC according to the Ambience and makes it easier for you. You don’t have to manually change the temperature or anything as it automatically does that for you.

7. Ambient Temperature

Nowadays, ACs are designed to cool the room even when the ambient temperature or the temperature of the surroundings is way higher. The average Ambient temperature that most AC can cool down is about 52 degrees celsius. There are even ACs that can cool up to 65 degrees celsius of ambient temperature.

8. Air Purification

These days, ACs come with an Air purification filter which kills all the germs, bacteria and other microbes that may be present in the atmosphere. If you get yourself an AC with a good antibacterial filter, you might not even need an air purifier, and just the filter would purify the room for you.


The above are some of the newer features that are most talked about and used these days. It is always a good idea to choose the latest version of any product, especially AC, as they work more efficiently, consume less power and come with a lot of new features too.

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