Air Cooler without Water Working Principle

Are you looking for an Air cooler without water and want to know how it works? Then, we got you covered with the Air cooler Without Water Working principle.

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As we know, most Air Coolers come with a water storage tank, and the Air Cooler uses the water to function. It absorbs the water from the tank and provides chilled air. 

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But how does an Air Cooler without water function?

  • Air Cooler Without Water

The Tower Coolers work without water, too, and they are the perfect option if you are looking for an Air Cooler without water.

  • But how do they work?

The Tower Air Coolers are taller, and they come with powerful blowers and a powerful motor that helps provide better air circulation to the entire room.

It stands like a tower and hence got its name. It has larger fans with a high Air throw that is suitable to provide sufficient cooling even without water.

It comes with a swing that is attached which promotes the air circulation and provides air to the left, right and centre.

  • How to use an Air Cooler that has water storage without filling water?

It is suggested to turn off or disable the water pump and then use the Air Cooler if you don’t want to fill it with water.

It is also suggested to not use the Air coolers that are specially meant to use with water without adding water as it might damage the motor.

There are different types of Air coolers for various needs. The different types of Air coolers are:

  • The Personal Air cooler

A Personal Air cooler is a compact one made for one or two people maximum. It uses water and cooling pads to provide optimal cooling. It comes with castor wheels which makes it easier for you to move it around.

  • The Tower Air Cooler

The Tower Air cooler is the one that is designed to provide cooling for a larger area. It has the capacity to cool a bigger space in less time and is suitable for living rooms too.

It takes in the hot air, evaporates the heat and provides cool air to us. The tower cooler is the one that we can use without water too.

  • The Desert Coolers

Desert Coolers are the ones that are suitable for places with high humidity too. It uses water to evaporate the hot air and provides cooling. It is suitable for an open space too, and you can even place it beside a window and use it.

  • The Window cooler

The Window Coolers are very similar to ours. They do have an indoor and an outdoor unit, and as the name suggests, they need to be fitted on the window. They are designed to provide high cooling. They use cooling pads to provide cooling, and they are one of the most expensive types of air coolers that are available on the market, and they do require maintenance.

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Although some Air Coolers work fine without water too, it is advised to use them with water as they not just protect the motor but also enhance the cooling and make the cooling last longer. The Air Cooler without water will only be able to provide air and not cool as much as an air cooler with water.

There are few things you must know before buying an Air Cooler.

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