5 Best Luxury Mattress In India 2024

Are you looking for the best luxury mattress in India?

If yes, you are exactly where it will introduce you to the top five mattresses from reputable brands in India. You can have it in your master bedroom for sleeping like a king or queen, peacefully throughout the night. The products that we have picked out are amazing in terms of comfort and can last for a long time. 

There are few things you must know before buying a mattress in online.

What To Look Before Buying A Luxury Mattress?

  1. Make sure to choose a mattress with a high breathability top to maintain the air circulation properly. 
  2. If you do not want to get disturbed by someone’s movement on the bed, go for a pocket spring mattress. 
  3. Check whether the spring mattresses have tough felt material guarding the core spring layer or not. 
  4. Make sure to choose a product with the right amount of firmness.

Benefits Of Buying Luxury Mattress 

  • You can sleep comfortably, thanks to their amazing softness
  • They are made from high-quality materials to last for a long time. 
  • The materials will help in supporting your body weight. 
  • The luxurious mattresses have a higher bounce level. 

Top 5 Best Luxury Mattress In India 2024

1. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress

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  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: Hyper-Elastic Polymer
  • Sizes Available: Single, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP: ₹46,900
    Offer Price: ₹30,485(For Queen Size from The Sleep Company store)

The Sleep Company has truly revolutionized the mattresses by introducing their patented SmartGRID line. This is the most luxurious mattress you can find in the market that will offer the best feeling of comfort and luxury and make sure that you get a peaceful sleep at night. Its top layer is made from an extremely soft and skin-friendly material.

Therefore, you won’t get any skin infections or allergies after sleeping on the mattress. The second layer is the 2-inch SmartGRID material with more than 2,500 open-air pockets. This will ensure excellent ventilation through the mattress, keep the surface cool, and distribute your body heat evenly. Therefore, you won’t wake up asleep, sweating profusely and feeling hot. 

The SmartGRID layer will apply custom pressure on your body as required. For example, you will find the mattress softer in the upper portion where it comes in contact with your neck while it’s slightly harder in the mid-section for supporting your spine.

A thin transition foam forms the third layer for adding re-bounce to the mattress. This is why this product has higher responsiveness and feels more relaxed. Finally, to ensure that your spinal alignment is maintained in any posture, the base of the mattress has a high resilience foam.

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CustomAvailable Available
SizePrice On The Sleep Company StorePrice On Amazon
Queen 30,485(72″x60″x6″)₹30,485(72″x60″x6″)
King 31,135(72″x72″x6″)₹31,135(72″x72″x6″)
CustomAvailable Not Available


  • Won’t transfer motion from one point to the other
  • Can easily maintain temperature and heat control
  • It will help in supporting your body weight for a long time


  • It might cause problems for people who usually develop tensed knots in muscles 

2. Wakeup Luxuriate Orthopedic Mattress

main img
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Diwan, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP: ₹42,050 | Reg Price : ₹23,548
    Offer Price: ₹20,274 (For Queen Size from MyWakeup store)

Suppose you are looking for an orthopaedic mattress that can offer you a luxurious feeling. In that case, you need to take a look at this product. It has a cotton knitted fabric top that will feel silky smooth against your skin and make sure there are no sudden allergic flare-ups or adverse reactions with your skin.

It has antimicrobial properties that prevent infections and allow fungi, bacteria, and other micro-organisms to thrive. Therefore, there is no need to worry about ending up with a mouldy mattress a few years later. The memory foam is gel-based which means that it is infused with micro cooling gel molecules that will absorb both the surface heat and your body heat to lower the temperature.

As a result, you will feel cold and won’t have any problem sleeping. Soft foam is added right next to the memory foam to increase comfort. These two layers will act as the soft portion of the mattress so that you can cuddle on it while sleeping. 

The main core layer of the product is formed from pocket springs. These coils are detached from each other and covered with a sheath. Therefore, they won’t transfer the motion or cause any other problems.

To protect you from the poking coils and the softer foam layers above, thin felt material is added at the top and bottom of the coil. The base of the mattress is formed from quilted knitted fabric so that you don’t have to worry much about the air circulation within the product and its longevity.

CustomAvailable Available
SizePrice On MyWakeup StorePrice On Amazon
Queen 20,274(72″x60″x8″)₹21,930(72″x60″x8″)
King 24,329(72″x72″x8″)₹26,316(72″x70″x8″)
CustomAvailable Not Available


  • Won’t sag easily 
  • Will offer excellent spinal support 
  • Can relieve pressure from your muscles


  • You can’t flip it

3. Springfit Pro Activ Jump Luxury Bed Mattresses

1 Proactiv Jump
  • Trial period: NA
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King.
  • Offer Price: ₹21,231 (For Queen Size from Springfit store)

This luxurious mattress from Springfit is well-known for its unique construction and enhanced comfort level. It has a firmness ranging between 5.5 to 7, thereby offering your body the exact support it needs. Its top layer is made from a 3D cool hex fabric that will maintain the airflow rate at a high level.

Also, it can wick away moisture in seconds, thereby preventing you from feeling sweaty and hot suddenly in the middle of the night. The second, third, fourth, and eighth layers are made from high resilience foam that will offer an exceptional bounce level and act as the support layer.

This material has an anti-sag feature which is why the mattress won’t suffer from depressions or early sagging any time soon. One of the best parts of the HR foam is that it will hug your body almost like memory foam, thereby releasing pressure from the trigger points and reducing soreness. 

Its core layer is made from tungsten carbide Bonnell spring coils. Due to their attached structure, they can distribute your weight and ensure there is no loss of elasticity. Besides, they won’t sag or get damaged permanently.

The mattress is reinforced with Turkish felt at the top and bottom of the spring coils to ensure that the springs are well-protected from any sudden impact force. At the base of the mattress is an organic anti-skid material that will prevent it from moving unexpectedly. 

SizePrice On MyWakeup StorePrice On Amazon
Queen 21,231(72″x60″x6″)₹20,768(72″x66″x6″)
King 25,477(72″x72″x6″)₹22,679(72″x72″x6″)


  • Won’t sag easily or form depressions
  • Has higher durability 
  • Comes with multiple HR foam layers for the added bounciness


  • Cannot prevent the motion transfer excellently

4. AMORE Medico Mattress

  • Trial period: 30 Nights
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Material: Bonnell spring, high resilient (H.R.) foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King.
  • MRP: ₹23,230 Offer Price: ₹11,615 (For Queen Size from AMORE store)

This is more than a luxurious mattress as it is constructed to offer the maximum comfort level to all sleepers. Its top layer is made from heavy GSM knitted fabric that will feel extremely soft against your skin and won’t cause any rashes, abrasions, and other forms of allergic flare-ups.

The second and third layers are made from comfortable, high resilience foam that adds to the overall softness of the mattress. Since these are made from soft foam, non-woven material is added after the third layer to reduce damage from the spring coils.

The support HR foam will make sure your spinal alignment is corrected, regardless of the position you will sleep in. Turkish felt material is added at the sixth and eighth layers to protect the spring coil from any impact force. 

It is the seventh layer that forms the core of the product. It is made from Bonnel springs that are interconnected and can easily distribute your body weight to prevent sagging or permanent loss of elasticity.

A non-woven material layer is added at the base along with HR foam to ensure that the mattress can become softer from all sides. To prevent it from moving unexpectedly, the base has an anti-skid material.

SizePrice On AMORE StorePrice On Amazon
Queen 11,615(72″x60″x6″)₹10,453(72″x60″x6″)
King 13,939(72″x72″x6″)₹12,544(72″x72″x6″)


  • Won’t sag easily 
  • Will offer an amazing spine support 
  • Can resist loss of elasticity


  • It is not ideal for people with back pain.

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5. Peps Springkoil Spring Mattress

916qROYfmL. SL1500
  • Trial period: NA
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Firmness: NA
  • Material: PU Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King.
  • MRP: ₹16,366
    Offer Price: ₹15,466 (For Queen Size from Peps store)

The Peps Springkoil mattress is where luxury meets comfort to create something truly remarkable for everyone. Its top is made from a PP/PE woven fabric that will offer an amazing level of comfort and ensure that you won’t get disturbed during the entire night.

As it is iron resistant, the fabric won’t be damaged by the spring coils and will retain its softness for a long tie. A polyurethane layer is added right below the top cover to ensure that the mattress has enough cushioning and the spring coils aren’t hurting you.

To strengthen the mattress’s construction and provide maximum support to your body, it has a rebonded foam. It is made from scrape foams of all types, so it has high resilience, high bounciness, and a certain level of conformity.

The hard cotton felt, and nylon mesh will help protect all these top layers from the spring coils and act as a shock absorber to ensure that no impact can damage the elasticity of the springs. 

Below the Bonnell spring layer is a separator net and hard cotton felt so that the base of the mattress can stay safe and well-protected. The rebonded foam and polyurethane will add more comfort to the product, thereby ensuring that you can sleep comfortably without any problem. 

SizeDimensions [Bonnell & Tartania]Inches
Double [72″x42″][72″x48″][75″x42″][75″x48″]
SizePrice On Peps StorePrice On Amazon
Diwan₹12,259(72″x42″x5″) ₹15,662(72″x48″x8″)
Queen 15,466(72″x60″x5″)₹17,454(72″x60″x6″)
King 18,674(72″x72″x5″)₹20,953(72″x72″x6″)
Note: Peps Store Price will change according to your location, here we have taken Tamil Nadu for pricing and shown for Bonnell Type.


  • Won’t sag too early or form depressions
  • It will give you an amazing feel of comfort 
  • Made from high-quality steel spring coils


  • Can move from its position due to the absence of an anti-skid base


We have discussed here the best five mattresses known for their luxury, amazing construction, and high-quality materials. However, you cannot get all the products for yourself, so you have to be careful while choosing the mattress.

We would recommend going for the SmartGRID Luxe mattress from The Sleep Company has its SmartGRID technology will maintain optimum ventilation and provide the utmost level of support. Our next choice will be the Springfit Pro-Active Jump Luxury Bed mattress for its unique construction, pocket spring layer, and softness. 

Hence, you have to decide carefully, and that’s where this mattress buying guide will help you.


1. What is the best luxury mattress you can buy?

The best luxury mattress for comfort and support will be the Amore Medico mattress. 

2. What type of mattress do 4-star hotels use?

In 4-star hotels, you will often find a spring mattress with higher bounciness. 

3. Are luxury mattresses worth buying?

Yes, definitely the luxury mattresses are worth buying, provided you are investing in the right product. 

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