Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier Review

Usually, in most of the water purifiers we have to replace the filters annually for better performance and for proper filtration process. Also we need to call customer service to change the filters. It leads to lots of expense due to service charges and filter replacement.

But, here the maintenance cost of the water purifier is very less in Whirlpool Purasense as we can self change the filters..

Whirlpool Purasense 7 L Ro + Uv + Uf + Tds Water Purifier Review

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  • Capacity: 7
  • Special Feature: 500-1999 ppm, RO+
  • Purifying Method: Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 8.5 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Power Source: Adapter
  • Installation Type: Wall mount

Whirlpool Purasense

This Whirlpool Purasense comes with 8 different stages of purification process to provide enhanced and healthy drinking water. Let us discuss in detail about the 8 stages of purification.

8 Stages of Purification

  • Stage 1Pre-Filter – It helps to remove impurities such as dirt, sand, dust, etc., which are present in the water.
  • Stage 2 – Sediment Filter – It is designed to remove the fine and coarse suspended impurities.
  • Stage 3 – Pre- carbon filter – It is equipped to remove larger particles, sediments from the water.
  • Stage 4 – RO Filter – The Reverse Osmosis membrane is helpful to reject heavy metals, micro-organisms, etc., and used to reduce the TDS level in water.
  • Stage 5 – UF filter – The Ultrafiltration is equipped to remove larger particles, dissolved solids and microorganisms and helps to increase the lifespan of other filters by removing larger particles.
  • Stage 6 – UV Filter – UV lamps help to disinfect the water and make it safe to drink.
  • Stage 7 – Post Carbon + Calcium Booster – It is made up of activated carbon, which helps in removing additional chemicals by absorbing its bad taste, smell and odor. Calcium Booster helps to boost up the calcium ions in water.
  • Stage 8 – Micro-Block Protection+ Auto TDS Detection – It is used to protect from microorganisms and impurities and helps to reduce the TDS level.

Key Features

Adaptive Intelligence technology – It helps to automatically detect the TDS levels in the water and purify the water respectively by ensuring the TDS levels to be reduced.
Micro block technology – It is used to protect the stored water in the tank from bacteria for up to 48 hours. It helps to guarantee that the stored water is also well preserved.
DIY Filter replacement technology This water purifier comes with features of India’s first Do-It-Yourself Filter Replacement Technology. By this, we can change the filters on our own.
Calcium Booster – It helps to add or boost up the calcium level in water after the RO purification process.
INTELLISENSE RO-FILTER TECHNOLOGY – Intellisense RO Filter Technology is powered by an AI Microprocessor, which add smart features such as monitoring and adjusting the settings based on water conditions and providing touchscreen interfaces, filter replacement reminders, and leak detection to enhance user-friendliness.
Multi-Stage Purification – This water purifier is equipped with 8 different stages of purification process to ensure clean and healthy drinking water by removing unwanted impurities and boosting up the essential minerals.
Installation Type – It can be mounted on the wall or free standing on the countertop table.
Storage Capacity – This water purifier is designed with 7 Liters of water storage tank for storing purposes.
Warranty – It comes with one year of warranty including RO membrane.

How to Replace Filters?

  • Step 1Open the RO filter cover, which is in the back side of the water purifier.
  • Step 2Rotate the filter in anticlockwise to unlock it.
  • Step 3 – Pull it off and remove the filter to replace.
  • Step 4Insert the new filter and rotate it in clockwise direction to lock.
  • Step 5Close the RO membrane cover.


By DIY Filter Replacement Technology, we can change the filter by ourselves.
Calcium booster helps to enhance the calcium level in water.


The price range is not budget-friendly.


Based on our analysis, we recommend buying the product as it is worth it to buy. As this water purifier comes with unique features of DIY Filter Replacement Technology, which helps to reduce the maintenance cost.


1.How does the Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier work with RO, UV, UF, and TDS technologies?

The Whirlpool Purasense comes with a multi-stage purification process to ensure healthy and safe drinking water. INTELLISENSE RO technology removes dissolved impurities and heavy metals, UV disinfects the water, UF filters out microorganisms.

2.What are the key features that make the Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier stand out?

The Whirlpool Purasense comes with a unique feature of DIY Filter Replacement Technology, which allows us to change the filter on our own.

3.What is the warranty support for the Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier?

This Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier provides a year of warranty including RO membrane.

4.What maintenance is required for the Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier?

We need to change the RO membrane, filters, and UV lamp as recommended by the water purifier as it indicates to replace the filter whenever needed.


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