Peore Pro-60 Nanofiltration/NF + UV Water Purifier Review

Are you searching for a water purifier without RO? Then the Nanofiltration is the better choice. This Peore Pro-60 water purifier is the best choice as it is the best NF UV water purifier in India and also provides double protection NF+UV.

Peore Pro-60 Nanofiltration/NF + UV Water Purifier Review

  • Capacity: 7.5ℓ
  • Material: Food grade/ABS Plastic
  • Purifying Technology: RO ,Tru UV Technology
  • Suitable for: Municipal water
  • Mounting: Wall mount or Countertop.
  • TDS Level: 300 – 700 ppm
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Peore Pro-60 NF + UV Water Purifier

This Peore Pro-60 water purifier is equipped with a multi-stage filtration process to remove harmful contaminants and to provide safe and healthy drinking water. Let us discuss in detail about different stages of the purification process.

7 Stages of Purification

1.Pre-Filtration Layer: It is used to remove contaminants and large particles such as dirt, dust, sand, hair, etc., which are present in the water.

2.Activated Pre Carbon Layer: It is usually made up of activated carbon, which helps to reduce the residual chemicals like chlorine, etc by absorbing its undesirable taste, color and odor in water.

3.Sediment Filtration Layer: It is often made up of polypropylene, which is used to reject fine and coarse solid suspended particles from the water.

4.NF Membrane: The Nanofiltration membrane is designed for contaminant removal, which includes dissolved solids, heavy metals, organic matter and some microorganisms. Also it helps to enhance the taste of water.

5.Activated Post Carbon Layer: It is equipped to capture and remove remaining impurities and harmful chemicals such as pesticide by absorbing unwanted taste and odor.

6.UV Filtration Layer:  Which uses high intensity UV-C light bulb to disinfect the water by removing bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

7.Micron Filtration Layer: It is used to remove particles and contaminants from water based on their micron size.


  • Tank Full – The water purifier is equipped with an indicator, to indicate the water level in the storage tank.
  • Low Pressure – The purifier is designed with an indicator to notify as if the input water pressure is low or no water.
  • Purification ON – This water purifier facilitates with an indicator to know the status of the purification process whether it is ON or OFF.

Key Features

Material & Design: The purifier is made up of high quality food grade ABS plastic material. It’s sleek and compact design gives an elegant look to your kitchen.
Mounting Type: It is easy to install as it can be placed on a countertop table or mounted on the wall.
Multi-Stage Filtration: This water purifier is equipped with 7 different stages of purification process to remove contaminants, heavy metals, residual chemicals and microorganisms to provide safe, clean and healthy drinking water.
Water Saving: This water purifier helps to save 70% of water, when compared to other ordinary or RO water purifiers. We can save 10000 liters of water annually.
NanoTech Feature: It consists of an intelligent semi-permeable membrane, which separates impurities and essential minerals, ensuring to drink healthy water by retaining the minerals.
Tru-UV: Tru-UV technology features an 85% high reflectivity chamber, which ensures water can navigate through quartz glass to max out the UV presentation. UV filtration is free from chemicals.
Warranty: It comes with one year of warranty with free installation and free service for a year.


No chemical based filters like alkaline, mineralizer, TDS Controller etc.,
There are no extra charges for pre-filter.
Annual maintenance cost is low when compared to other brands like Aquaguard, Kent, etc.,


Little noisy but bearable.
Little expensive when compared to other purifiers.


Based on our analysis, we recommend buying this product as it is worth it to buy with this price range. Nanofiltration is the ideal choice to provide healthy mineral-rich water, which is chemical free. NF Technology is the correct solution to treat water which has a high TDS level (i.e., greater than 1200 ppm).


1.How does the Peore Pro-60 Nanofiltration/NF + UV Water Purifier work?

The Peore Pro-60 water purifier that uses nanofiltration (NF) technology, which removes impurities, dissolved solids, heavy metals and ultraviolet (UV) treatment, which disinfects and sterilizes the drinking water.

2.What impurities and contaminants does the Peore Pro-60 remove from water? 

The Peore Pro-60 is designed to remove contaminants which include sediments, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities.

3.Can the Peore Pro-60 purify well water or water from unreliable sources?

The Peore Pro-60 is primarily designed for treating tap water and municipal water. According to the TDS levels, we can choose the respective model.

4.Is the Peore Pro-60 water purifier effective at improving the taste and odor of tap water?

Yes, by removing impurities, chlorine, and other contaminants, the Peore Pro-60 can improve the taste and odor of water and makes it more pleasant to drink.


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