KENT Supreme Water Purifier Review

This Kent Supreme water purifier provides three years of extended free service that helps to reduce the filter replacement, maintenance and service charges, which makes it one among the best water purifier with low maintenance cost. This kent supreme water purifier is one of the perfect and ideal choices for home use.

KENT Supreme Water Purifier Review

717V1YgBwL. SL1500
  • Capacity: 8ℓ
  • Material: Plastic
  • Purifying Technology: RO+UF+TDS
  • Suitable for: Brackish/tap water/ municipal water.
  • Special Feature: RO, RO+
  • Weight: 7.6 Kgs
  • Wattage: 60 Watts
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty + Extended Warranty

KENT Supreme Water Purifier

KENT Supreme Water Purifier comes with a multi-stage purification process to ensure providing clean, safe and healthy drinking water. Let us discuss in detail about different stages of the purification process.

6 Stages of Purification Process

Stage 1: Sediment Filter – It is equipped to remove fine and coarse suspended particles such as sand, silt, clay, rust, etc.,  which are present in the water.

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter – It is made up of activated carbon, which is designed to remove residual chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, etc by absorbing its bad taste, color and odor.

Stage 3: RO Membrane – The Reverse Osmosis filter utilizes semi-permeable membrane to reduce the dissolved solids and impurities from the water. It will wash out the untreated waste water.

Stage 4: UF Filter – The Ultrafiltration helps to reduce the microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, cysts, etc in water.

Stage 5: TDS Controller – This TDS controller is used to reduce the TDS level and balancing pH level in water by preserving the essential minerals in drinking water.

Stage 6: In tank UV LED – UV LED lamp helps to disinfect the water and keep the stored water clean and pure for a longer period.

Key Features

Multi-stage Purification Process – It is designed with a multi-stage purification process by RO+UV+UF+TDS Control that removes impurities, residual chemicals, dissolved solids and harmful microorganisms, which ensure 100% pure drinking water standards of IS:10500.
Storage Capacity – It is equipped with an in-built capacity of 8 Liters storage tank to store the treated water with water level indicator.
Design – This water purifier is made up of high quality ABS food grade plastic for corrosion free use and the installation type could be wall mounted.
Auto ON/Off It automatically shuts off if the storage tank is full and automatically restarts if the tank is empty. The purifier doesn’t start if the input water pressure is low and doesn’t allow water rejection if the tank is full or if the electricity fails.
CompatibilityIt is suitable to treat various water sources such as brackish (salted) water, tap water and municipal water.
CertificationsIt comes with certifications from NSF International (USA), TUV SUD certification and CE Certification.
Leak & Maintenance Free – It utilizes push-fit components for leak proof and maintenance free performance. RO and UF Membranes fused inside membrane housing to prevent tampering.
WarrantyIt comes with one year of warranty with 3 years of extended free service.


TDS controller to adjust the TDS level of purified water.
It is designed with an alert sound to notify us, if the UV light fails.
It comes with fully automated operation with auto ON/Off.
No service charge for up to 4 years.


Filter Replacement is too costly.


Based on our analysis, we recommend buying the product as it is worth it to buy as it is equipped with high high quality food grade ABS plastic with multi-stage purification process by RO+UV+UF+TDS control to provide clean and healthy drinking water. It provides extended three years of free service, which makes it a better one.


1.How does the KENT Supreme Water Purifier work?

The KENT Supreme Water Purifier uses a multi-stage purification process that includes RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), and UF (Ultrafiltration) to remove impurities, microorganisms, and dissolved solids from water. This ensures clean and safe drinking water.

2.What are the key features of the KENT Supreme Water Purifier that make it stand out?

The KENT Supreme uses advanced purification technologies, high purification capacity, and features like a TDS controller for customizing the taste of purified water. It also often has a large storage tank to ensure a steady supply of purified water.

3.Is the KENT Supreme Water Purifier suitable for use with all types of water sources, including hard water?

Yes, the KENT Supreme Water Purifier is designed to purify water from various sources such as brackish water, tap water and municipal water.

4.What maintenance is required for the KENT Supreme Water Purifier?

It has been mentioned in the user manual that we need to replace filters, RO membrane, and UV lamp annually. We need to clean the storage tank once every 2 weeks.

5.What is the warranty support the KENT Supreme Water Purifier has?

It comes with one year of warranty. Additionally, free service is extended for another three years.


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