AQUA DOVE UF Non Electronic Filter Water Purifier Review

This Aqua Dove UF Non Electronic Filter Water Purifier is equipped with the highest filter life of 21000 Liters, which absolutely helps us to save money in filter replacement. It leads to reduced costs for maintenance and service charges. Due to this, Aqua dove is one among the best water purifier with low maintenance cost. It is designed to work without electricity as well, which helps to reduce the electricity charges too.

AQUA DOVE UF Non Electronic Filter Water Purifier

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  • Capacity: 20
  • Purifying Method: Gravity Based + UF
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Weight: 2.8 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Installation Type: Wall mount/Countertop
  • Special Feature: Spiral Wound UF Membrane, BARC Licensed product


The Aqua Dove water purifier is a non-electronic filter, which is equipped with a multi-stage purification process to ensure providing clean and healthy drinking water. Let us discuss in detail about the stages of the purification process.

Purification Stages

Stage 1 & 2: PP+Activated Carbon

It is designed to reject impurities like dirt, sand, hair, etc. Activated carbon is used to remove chemicals such as chlorine by swallowing its bad taste and odor.

Stage 3: RO Filter

The Reverse Osmosis membrane helps to reduce TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and remove heavy metals and microorganisms from the water.

Stage 4: Post Activated Carbon

It helps to remove unwanted residual gases like Co2, VOCs, etc., from the water. And it also helps to improve the quality of treated water.

Stage 5: In-tank UV Sterilization

Ultraviolet lamps facilitate disinfecting the water and sterilizing the stored water in the storage tank. 

Key Features

Mounting Type: It can be placed on the countertop table or mounted on the wall or in a corner as a space saving feature.
Storage Capacity: This water purifier is equipped with an in-built 20 liters capacity of storage tank, which could be suitable for larger families, offices, etc.
Multi-stage Purification: This non-electric gravity-based water purifier is designed with 5 stages of mineralization purification of water.
Advance activated Carbon Technology: This advanced activated carbon guarantees that it is better than 12 times more of other carbon filters. It helps to reduce 97% of chlorine, mercury, rust, etc., by absorbing taste and odor.
Design: This water purifier is made up of high quality non-breakable food grade plastic, which guarantees a longer lifespan.
Special Feature: As it is designed as Non-Electronic Filter, it works without electricity. But still not using residual chemicals to purify the water.
BARC Licensed: This water purifier is Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Govt. of India Licensed UF Membrane Technology, which has the highest service life.
Spiral Wound UF Membrane: This Spiral UF membrane works on gravity force, which helps to preserve the essential minerals, which are present in the water.
Warranty: It comes with one year of warranty.


It is designed with a larger storage tank capacity to store the purified water.
It works even without electricity, without using any chemicals.


It is only suitable to treat 500 ppm TDS level of water.


Based on our analysis, we recommend buying this product as it is worth it to buy with this price range. The quality of the product is also commendable.


1.How does the AQUA DOVE UF Non-Electronic Filter Water Purifier work?

The AQUA DOVE UF Water Purifier uses a multi-stage purification process to remove impurities from water. Double purification with UV+UF ensures clean and safe drinking water even without electricity.

2.What sets the AQUA DOVE UF Non-Electronic Filter Water Purifier apart from other water purifiers?

The AQUA DOVE UF Water Purifier does not need electricity to function and the highest filter life of 21000 liters, which often results in lower maintenance costs.

3.Is this water purifier suitable for all types of water sources?

The AQUA DOVE UF Non-Electronic Filter Water Purifier is suitable for purifying municipal water with 500 ppm TDS levels.

4.Does the AQUA DOVE UF Water Purifier improve the taste of water?

The Pre and post carbon blocks in AQUA DOVE UF Water Purifier helps to improve the taste of water by absorbing the bad taste and odor.


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