AO Smith Z8 Water Purifier Review

AO Smith Z8 is one of the best ro water purifier with hot and cold options in India. As this AO Smith Z8 is equipped with unique features to enhance its performance and makes it the best choice. Also it has an Advance Recovery Technology, which helps the water purifier recover on its own without any service or maintenance, which makes it best ro water purifier with low maintenance cost. Let us discuss in detail about the product through this article.

AO Smith Z8 Water Purifier Review

AO Smith Z8 Hot normal RO Baby Safe Water Hot Water 10 L Storage 8 Stage Purification 100ROSC
  • Capacity: 10
  • Special Feature: RO+
  • Purifying Method: Reverse Osmosis, Sedimentation
  • Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 15.2 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Year

8 Stages of Purification Process

  • Pre-filter:  The Pre-Filter is used to reject the particles/impurities such as dirt, dust, solid substances, etc., in water.
  • Sediment filter:  Sediment filter helps to  remove fine and coarse particles from the water.
  • ARTTM MAX: The ART™ MAX (Advance Recovery Technology™) provides true water recovery, which is greater than 55% and also ensures 100% RO purification.
  • Carbon Block:  This carbon block is constructed with activated carbon, which helps to decrease the chemicals like pesticides, chlorine, etc., by absorbing bad taste and odor.
  • Side Stream RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane:  It incorporates semi-permeable membrane to eject TDS, heavy metal, micro-organisms etc.,
  • MIN-TECH:  The Mineraliser Technology adds essential minerals and enhances the taste of the water by balanced pH value.
  • ZX Double Protection Dual filter:
  1. Silver Activated Post Carbon blocks act as refiner and enhance the taste of water.
  2. Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT) filter, prevents secondary microbial impurities post RO purification and assure the double protection to provide a baby safe healthy drinking water.

Buttons and Indications

  • Power Button – Which is used to power ON/Off the water purifier. If it is blinking, we need to check the water input.
  • Tank Full Indicator – It indicates the water level in the storage tank. It starts to blink with a beep sound, if there is overflow. It continues blinking with a beep sound until it is fixed.
  • Auto Flush Indicator – It indicates the status of the flushing process as the auto flushing mechanism is activated during the purification process to clean the RO membrane and to enhance the lifespan.
  • RO change Indicator – It starts to blink (buzzer 10 times) when the RO membrane filter is about to expire and it keeps on blinking and stops working if it expires.
  • SCPA change indicator – It starts to blink (buzzer 10 times) when the other pre and post RO filter is about to expire and it keeps on blinking and stops working if it expires.
  • Water Heating Button – It is used to heat the water inside the water tank.
  • Temperature Indicator – Which helps to display the temperature level of the hot water and notify us with error code, if there is any fault.
  • Child Lock Safety – To prevent dispensing the hot water accidentally as a safety feature.

Key Features

8 Stage Purification: It comes with 8 different stages of purification process to ensure double protection baby safe water.
Water Dispensing: Push and hold the faucet to dispense water from the storage tank for both hot and normal water. Lift up the lever for continuous flow.
Hot Water: It is designed to provide hot water in two options: warm (45°C) and hot(80°C).
Capacity: It is able to store up to a maximum of 10 liters of water in a water storage tank.
MIN-TECH: The MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology)helps to hold the natural taste of water by adding essential minerals.
Mounting Type: It can be wall mounted as well as placed on the countertop.
Advance Alert Technology: This Advance Alert Technology helps by indicating in advance to replace the RO membrane and other filters.
Child Lock: The Child lock feature won’t allow the hot water to dispense. To enable it, we need to press the child lock button.
Warranty: It provides a year of warranty including RO membrane and filters.
Night Assist: It glows in the dark, to help us to reach the water purifier without obstacles.


The Advance Alert Technology helps to save 9000 L water annually.
Dispense water in three different temperature variations : normal, warm and hot.
ZX Double Protection Dual Filter helps to ensure clean and baby safe water.


This AO Smith Z8 is not budget-friendly.


Based on our analysis, we recommend buying this product as it is worth it to buy, as it gives double protection baby safe water. This purifier is designed to dispense normal, warm and hot water with 8 stages of the purification process to enhance and provide clean and safe water.


1.What are the special features of the AO Smith Z8 water purifier?

ZX Double Protection Dual Filter helps to ensure baby safe water infused with essential minerals with the help of Mineraliser Technology.

2.How does the AO Smith Z8 water purifier ensure water quality and safety?

8 Stages of purification process ensures the water quality and its safety.

3.What is the storage capacity of the AO Smith Z8 water purifier?

It is equipped with 10 liters of storage capacity, 9.2 liters for normal water and 0.8 liters for hot water.

4.Is the AO Smith Z8 water purifier easy to install?

Easy to install as only need to connect the valve with a pre-filter to the water purifier. But still we need plumber support to drill.

5.Is the AO Smith Z8 Water Purifier suitable for all types of water sources?

AO Smith Z8 is suitable for Borewell water, Municipal water, Tanker water.


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