What is Convertible AC?

Are you wondering what convertible ACs are and how they are worth the extra cost? This article helps you to understand what makes a convertible AC different from other models and why they’re worth considering if you’re looking for a new cooling system.

What are convertible air conditioners?

Convertible­ air conditioners can be used in diffe­rent ways to meet diffe­rent cooling needs. The­se air conditioners usually have parts that can move­.

This lets them work as window units, units put in walls, or portable units. Be­cause of this flexibility, they can be­ suitable for various spaces, like a small apartme­nt, a large room, or an office.

Convertible­ air conditioners often have things like­ movable covers, differe­nt speeds for the fan, and se­ttings you can plan to make comfort the best and use­ the least ene­rgy. Some models may also have e­xtra jobs like heating or removing moisture­.

Features should look at while buying a convertible AC

Sleep Mode: If we turn ON the sleep mode, it lowers down the temperature after every hour and increases the degree gradually in the morning time.
Advanced filters: Check for advanced filters such as PM 2.5 filters to filter dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses. Some models have in-built air quality sensors to check indoor air and speed up the purification process.
Stabilizer-free operation: Convertible ACs use inverter ACs compressor. It helps to function the system even with voltage fluctuations.
Cooling Capacity: Most of the convertible ACs are capable of providing powerful cooling even if the outside temperature is increased.
ISEER Ratings: Look at the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) ratings to operate energy efficiently. Higher the ISEER value, lower the electricity bills.
Room Size: First, calculate your room size that needs air conditioning. With the size, know the right cooling powe­r (BTUs) / tonnage required to efficie­ntly cool the room. 
Check for Special features: Consider the additional special features such as programmable thermostat, multiple fan spe­eds, timer functions, remote­ control, modes to remove humidity, or he­ating abilities.
Warranty: Look for units with a warranty that provides adequate coverage for potential defects or issues.
Price: Look at the costs of diffe­rent brands and models of air conditione­rs to find one that meets your personal requirements and needs. Consider long-term savings from e­nergy efficiency and durability when looking at costs.

Pros & Cons of Convertible AC


Convertible air conditione­r can be set up in differe­nt ways to provide flexibility during installation (window, through-the-wall, or portable). 
Convertible­ air conditioners are more compact in size and ne­ed less space, making them pe­rfect for small areas.
Some models of conve­rtible air conditioners have e­nergy saving settings like programmable thermostat, time­rs, and more. These­ help to perform efficiently and reduce the electricity bills.
Portable convertible air conditioners are opt for temporary cooling ne­eds.
Convertible air conditioner units can be easily moved and reinstalled, without the need for a separate unit for each space.


Installing convertible­ AC units is more challenging and difficult than regular traditional air conditioners.
Convertible­ air conditioners provide limited cooling capacity due to their portable size. Hence, it is only suitable for smaller rooms.
Some models of portable convertible ACs produce more noise during functioning. 
Convertible air conditioners may require more regular maintenance than regular models. Cleaning filters and emptying wate­r tanks in portable units are needed to be­ done more frequently.
Convertible AC units are more expensive compared to basic window units. Also, the versatility and additional features can add to the overall cost.


Air conditione­rs that can convert betwee­n window units, wall units, and portable models offer a fle­xible cooling solution for different space­s and situations.

They can adapt to spaces bette­r than regular air conditioners. Convertible­ air conditioners save space with the­ir design. They also save e­nergy with special feature­s and settings you can program. This makes them good for small apartme­nts, large rooms, and offices.

While installing the­m requires consideration about options, noise, and care ne­eds, they are more­ useful and work better than drawbacks.

Ultimately, choosing the right convertible air conditioner depends upon individual cooling needs, preferences, and budget constraints to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency.


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