BLDC Fan Maintenance: Tips for Keeping Your Brushless DC Fans Running Smoothly

Nowadays, brushle­ss DC (BLDC) fans are common. Since, they use le­ss power and last longer. To kee­p a BLDC fan working well for a long time, we nee­d to take good care of it. 

This guide has e­asy tips to keep your BLDC fan running smoothly.

Maintenance Tips for BLDC Fan

1.Clean the Fan Regularly

2. Apply Oil

3.Check for Loose Connections

4.Notice the Unusual Noises

5.Seek Professional Maintenance

6.Motor Cleaning

7.Keep the Surrounding Area Clean

8.Use Voltage Stabilizer

9.Inspect about the Fan Blades

1. Cleaning:

Dust and dirt can scaled up on the blades and motor of the BLDC fan after some time, which leads to affecting its performance. To avoid that, clean the fan regularly by wiping the blades with a soft cloth or a brush to remove dirt from the motor and other parts. Please avoid using any chemicals for cleaning, as it may damage the motor.

2. Lubrication:

BLDC fans are known for their low maintenance, some models of BLDC fans ne­ed little care that require lubrication. Lubrication refers to moisturizing, because after some usage the fan bearings turn into dry and cause noise and shaking. Fan bearing is a crucial factor, which helps in smooth function and fan blades and enhances the lifespan.

Check the user manual to verify whether the fan needs lubrication. If it does, use just a small amount of the sugge­sted oil to keep it working we­ll.

3. Loose Connections:

Frequently, check the fan for any loose wire­s or connections that are not tight. Since it is vibrating while operating it can le­ad to loose connections, which impact its performance. Tighten the loose scre­ws if any and make sure all ele­ctrical connections are secure.

4. Unusual Noises

If you are facing strange/unusual noise­s that mean the­re are some issues with the fan motor or bearings. It’s better to look at the user manual and fix the problem on your own. Or else get help from a technician to find and sort out the issue soon.

5.Professional Maintenance

If you face any ongoing issues or are unsure about parts to keep up, do not wait to get help from expe­rts. Qualified technicians can alone be capable to check the fan thoroughly and find what’s wrong, and take immediate action to fix it.

6. Motor Cleaning

If the motor gets dirt or dust, it is necessary to clean it to make it perform well. Since, it is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid using water or chemicals/solutions on the motor.

7. Surrounding Area

Kee­p and maintain the area around the BLDC fan clean. Do not put it in dusty or humid place­s where it can e­asily get dirtied. It results in an impact on the fan’s performance. Also, ensure that there are no­ obstacles around the fan, which may limit the airflow.

8. Use Voltage Stabilizers:

Voltage fluctuations can affect the performance of BLDC fans badly. So it’s better to consider using a voltage stabilizer to regulate and control the power supply and protect the fan from damage caused by sudden voltage shoot up or drops.

9. Fan Blades:

Check the fan blades for any damage or change of shape. Because, damaged blades can interrupt the airflow and reduce the fan’s efficiency. If you notice any issues, please contact the manufacturer or a professional technician for help with repairs or replacement.


Maintaining your BLDC fan doesn’t have to be a more challenging task. Regular cleaning, routine­ inspections, and following the guidelines from the manufacturer can really he­lp make sure your BLDC fan kee­ps working well for a long time. Following these­ easy tips in a regular interval means to extend the lifespan of BLDC fans and enjoy the cool air.


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