Window AC Vs Split AC: Which opts for Your Home?

Window AC

A window air conditioner is a single appliance with all components located on the exterior. The device is always placed in front of a window. The interior face is installed, while the other parts are put outside the window.

An air conditioner uses the refrigerant to clear all humidity and extra heat from the area. The thermostat is triggered when the room temperature rises, and the blower is turned on. The hot air is then pulled into the unit and forced to pass over the excellent refrigerant coil. Once the air flows through the coils and is transported outside the room, it gradually cools.

How Does a Window AC Work?

  • Step 1: When you switch on the air conditioner, the built-in fan draws the air out and pushes it through the filters to remove all airborne particles.
  • Step 2: The refrigerant takes over to release the heat simultaneously. It is transformed from a heated liquid to a gaseous state and then to a liquid. Cold is the last liquid state.
  • Step 3: During the process, the chill refrigerant goes through the indoor coil and comes into contact with the hot air pulled in by the air conditioner.
  • Step 4: When the cold refrigerant and the heated air come together, the room temperature drops while the refrigerant temperature rises.
  • Step 5: The refrigerant is transformed to vapour as the temperature rises. The vapour flows towards the condenser coil after passing via a compressor, boosting the pressure.

Window AC Vs Slit AC: Detailed Comparison

Split ACWindow AC
Split AC has two units. One part is outdoors, and the other part is indoors. It includes only one unit that contains all of the segments.
The AC creates minimal noise.The noise level is higher in comparison.
Between the two units, a copper link is required. As a result, a hole must be drilled into the wall.There isn’t any requirement for a copper hookup.
The installation is easy because all you need is one hole in the wall, and you are set to go.The installation process is lengthy since it necessitates additional space.
You will need a technical specialist as well as some assistance.There’s no need for outside assistance.
Depending on the cooling equipment, you can also choose a more potent air conditioner.There is just one size and a precise cooling effect for the room. In a vast space, it will not work well.

Split AC

This equipment, unlike window air conditioners, has two units. That is why it is named a split air conditioner. There is an indoor and an exterior unit on the air conditioner. The evaporator coil is found in the internal crew. A condenser and compressor are included in the outside unit. A duct connects the two of them. Compressor, evaporator coil, growth valve, and condenser coil are the essential components of a split air conditioner. Let me explain how a split air conditioner works.

How Does a Split AC Work? 

  • Step 1: The compressor compresses the refrigerant once it is turned on. The refrigerant heats go into the condenser coil at this moment. The lover then circulates outside air through the coil, removing all heat from the refrigerant. When a refrigerant loses its heat, it becomes a liquid.
  • Step 2: The consequence of the valve reduces the stress and cools the refrigerant. It varies a precise amount of fluid into gas.
  • Step 3: The freezing refrigerant comes from the evaporator coil. The coil’s blower ventilates space air within the coil.
  • Step 4: The refrigerant soaks all of the heat from the space in this step. The area becomes more helpful as a result of this.
  • Step 5: The refrigerant reverts to a liquid condition and is reintroduced into the compressor.

Split AC Vs Window AC: Detailed Comparision

  • Noise– The compressor is typically to blame for the unit’s noise. The compressor is located in the exterior unit of a split air conditioner. The inner unit is entirely distinct from this. The process of a split air conditioner is virtually silent. Probably, you would not even notice when the device is operating. With a window air conditioner, however, this is not the issue. The device can push a lot of dins.
  • Cooling Capabilities– Though both appliances have strong cooling capacities, they rely on the tonnage and other factors. Because they are seated high, split air conditioners are meant to cool bigger rooms. They are made to broadcast air in confined spaces efficiently. They also come in higher tonnages than window air conditioners. With window air conditioners yet, this is not the case.
  • Energy Consumption– First, an item’s energy consumption is determined by its star rating. It cannot reach a 3-star split air conditioner and a 5-star window air conditioner. A 5-star air conditioner is more important than a 3-star air conditioner regardless of the model. The separation air conditioner is more efficient than a window if reaching the same air conditioners. Non-inverter models are also less indulgent than inverter kinds. Furthermore, the efficiency of any air conditioner degrades with age.
  • Consumption of Space– We already know that a window air conditioner has only one unit, whereas a split air conditioner has two. As a result, the former requires a large window opening for installation. You may also need to set aside the entire window for the structure of the device. In the matter of a split air conditioner, the crew’s mount offers you few choices.
  • Price– When comparing the cost of a window and split air conditioner with the same tonnage and star rating, a split air conditioner will always be more expensive than a window air conditioner. A 1.5-tonne split air conditioner, for example, might cost anywhere between Rs. 24,000 and Rs. 45,000, while a 1.5-tonne window air conditioner can cost anywhere between Rs. 24,000 and Rs. 31,000. As a result, if you’re seeking a more cost-effective cooling solution, a window air conditioner is a good choice.
  • Aesthetic Appeal– The aesthetic appeal of a split air conditioner far outweighs that of a window air conditioner. Split air conditioners are made to mix in with the rest of the room’s decor. It’s sleek, appealing, and inviting to the eye. In a window air conditioner, they have a reasonably traditional formation. Instead, they can be pretty irritating and detract from the appearance of your wall.


This Split AC Vs. The window AC buying guide should assist you in deciding whether to go with a split or window air conditioner. While both air conditioners cool effectively, the decision you make will be based mainly on the benefits and cons of Window AC Vs Split AC outlined above.

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