The Complete Water Heater Maintenance Checklist and Guide

Are you looking for a Water Heater Maintenance Guide? Here we have a detailed article on how to easily maintain your water heater with a checklist.

A Water Heater is one of the important home appliances, especially in winter or even in summer if you have a newborn or elderly person at home. But, as much as the water heaters are important, they also need maintenance to work properly and last longer. So make sure to follow the maintenance guide below to maintain your water heater easily.

The Complete Water Heater Maintenance Checklist and Guide

1. Turn Off

You need to turn Off your Water heater after each and every use. Unfortunately, most of us tend to forget it, which damages the water heater and spikes up the electricity bill. So turning Off the switch is essential.

2. Inspection

Make sure you have an appointment with your electrician every six months or at least once a year to inspect your water heater and check if there is any malfunction or if anything needs to be changed. The frequent inspection helps you maintain the Heater better.

3. Anode

The Water Heater has an Anode Rod, which makes sure to protect the Heater from rusting and corrosion. So it is important to change the Anode Rod every five years or every two years too, if you can, to make it protect the Heater.

4. Leaks

While inspecting the Heater, make sure you check for any leaks and rectify them. Make sure to check for all the valves as well.

5. Residue

The inside of the water storage tank tends to accumulate a lot of dust and impurities. So it is necessary to clean the tank and make sure to remove all the residues from it. To clean the storage tank, we do need to take professional help.

6. Temperature

Make sure to check the thermostat and keep the temperature to what is required for you. The higher the temperature, the higher the power it consumes. So make sure you lower the temperature a little bit.

7. Insulation

It is important to insulate the Heater, which keeps electricity from flowing through it. So get yourself a 3 to 4-inch insulation and insulate the Heater.

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With all the above tips, we are sure you will be able to maintain your water heater better. It is also essential to check for the water in your locality. If the water you get has a lot of impurities, you can consider a purification method and then use the water. 

It is also essential to seek professional help if there is any unnecessary noise from the water heater. If your water heater is old and needs to be replaced, we suggest you get a 5 Star Water Heater which helps you save a lot of money on electricity.

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