12 Reasons for High Electric Bills

Are you getting high electric bills constantly and cannot understand its very reason?

If yes, then you are at the right place because here, we will talk about a couple of reasons which result in high utility bills. First, we use a wide range of appliances to reduce time and energy and ease our work. But sometimes, we don’t consider that they need timely maintenance or proper care so that their functioning can be optimal. Perhaps this is why we pay such high amounts at the end of every month. 

So, before you reach any conclusion to explain the reasons behind these skyrocketing bills, we think it would be best for you to learn the causes. It will at least help you analyze the sources and work on that to reduce such huge expenses that are completely unnecessary. 

Top 12 Reasons for High Electric Bills

1. Keeping appliances plugged on 

Some appliances like your computers, refrigerators, and others are usually left plugging in even when their power switches are off. In many instances, you will leave your laptop’s charger connected to the power outlet and go for a vacation for the weekend. Believe it or not, that connected charger consumes energy.

Even though it’s meagre in amount, the utility bills will say otherwise. When this happens with multiple appliances, the amount will automatically increase beyond the limit. So, apart from switching off the fans and lights, you should disconnect all the chargers and appliance power cords from the outlets so that no current can flow through them. 

2. Having the wrong light bulbs 

There are three main types of artificial lights that you will find in the market. The most basic one is the incandescent lights made from tungsten filament and filled with argon or sodium vapours. These lights illuminate a large area and, therefore, consume more power than required. Thus, the energy bills will increase beyond the limit. You can either use CFL lamps or LED lights to curb the costs.

The CFL lamps do consume power but not like the traditional bulbs. One major disadvantage of these lights is the low longevity and glass body that is highly breakable. So, if you want to lower the utility bulbs and create a safe environment, we recommend you have LED lights. They will not consume so much electricity. As a result, your utility bills will drop by at least 40%, if not more. 

3. Improper or incomplete insulation

Often you will hear other voices while being on a call. This mainly happens due to the loss of signals and interference of one channel with another. And that’s why nowadays, the communication lines are properly insulated.

Similarly, when electric lines are not insulated appropriately, the current will start leaking, and as a result, the power consumed at the mains will be more than the appliance consumption since the utility bills are calculated based on the meter readings. Moreover, with improper insulation of the electric wirings, chances of accidents will increase, which is why you should pay proper attention. 

4. Older appliances with no maintenance

If your house is full of old and obsolete appliances, your utility bills will increase a lot. These appliances will consume a lot of power due to obsolete technologies and lack of maintenance. Since you don’t know whether anything is wrong with the internal circuits, it isn’t easy to determine which appliances are consuming more power than the rated levels. This is why you should always ask for electrical appliance maintenance to keep them up-to-date and prevent the abrupt rise in the monthly electric bills. Besides, with older appliances, the chances of repairs will be more, which will also increase the power consumption because the spare parts do not work at the rated current consumptions. 

5. Not using the thermostat properly

Another reason for the high electric bills is the improper use of the thermostat. For example, during the summer season, you lower the thermostat’s temperature to cool down the house quickly and once done, you increase the temperature. Again you repeat the process, and it goes on. This is the misuse of the thermostat, increasing the electric bills.

Also, it will put pressure on the HVAC system. Current flowing through the appliances will be huge, especially the air conditioners. So, suppose you want to reduce the bills. In that case, you need to operate the thermostats at a proper temperature to avoid an abrupt increase or decrease of the current flow. 

6. Peak-time use of energy

Do you have any idea about the peak times of electric energy usages? If not, then you won’t be able to understand why your utility bills are increasing. A peak-time usage is the time duration when the entire area consumes huge amounts of power at once.

For example, during Christmas, the streets are lit with lights and the power is drawn from the main electric centre. As a result, you will find that the utility bills for December will be higher than November or January.

Similarly, post-pandemic, most people are working from home. Therefore, the overall electric consumption peaks during the morning and evening. This kind of peak usage can also result in higher electric bills. 

7. Abrupt changes in energy use

When you abruptly start using an appliance, it will directly identify the effects of high energy bills. Therefore, you need to be aware of using these appliances. It would be better not to use the products abruptly without considering the changes in power consumption beforehand. For example, let’s say you haven’t used an air conditioner till now. Therefore, your electric bills would be about a few dollars. But when you start using the appliance, there will be a huge increase in the bill amount.

8. Climatic changes

Another reason for the high electric bills that most people face is climate change. Every year, the summer season is becoming intolerable, and therefore, the usage time of the air conditioner also increases.

Similarly, due to the cold winters, you will need heaters and to make sure that the air inside the room is warm, you will operate the heating and cooling system for a longer time. So, all in all, the total electric bills will increase beyond your assumptions. But, to be honest, here you aren’t at fault because nothing you can do to prevent the climatic changes and the abrupt changes in the temperatures. 

9. Wrong energy-rated appliance

When we consider appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and so on, the most important thing you have to notice is the energy rating. Usually, these appliances are rated in stars, with one being the lowest and five being the highest. Therefore, if you mistakenly get a 2-star or 3-star appliance, the electric bill amount will increase a lot. But, on the other hand, if you choose a 5-star appliance, your utility bills won’t be so much at the least. So, be very sure about the appliance’s energy rating when purchasing one. 

10. Increasing electric power rates

With the increase in electricity demand, the companies also need to increase the usage rates. Suppose you compare an electric bill of the present time to one from two or three years back. In that case, you will realize that the rates have changed, which is one of the primary reasons your monthly utility bills are increasing. Therefore, to lower the amount, you either need to cut down the consumption or understand the rates and accordingly use appliances that can work on full efficiency but consume minimal amounts of power. 

11. Overcharging the devices

One of the most common reasons for such an increase in utility bills is the overcharging of devices like your laptop, mobiles, speakers, and so on. Once the device is fully charged and you still keep the charging cord connected, the battery will continue to consume direct current, convert it into static electricity and accumulate charges. Therefore, the consumption will increase over time, and the bills you will receive at the end of the month will be much higher than you expected.

12. Improper usage of appliances 

Finally, when you are not using the appliances appropriately, the power consumption will lead to an increase in the electric bills. For example, let’s say you are washing clothes in the machine, but since it’s being done every day, you have filled the container to half of its volume. However, even though the container will be half-filled, the motor will operate at its full capacity, and therefore, there won’t be any change in power consumption. Thus, the bills will increase even if you think using the washing machine in a half-filled state is better. 


The above article explains the top twelve reasons for which the electric bills can increase. Some causes are in your hands, and therefore, if you pay close attention, you can reduce the bills. However, there are certain other conditions too that you will have no control over. Therefore, it’s best to focus on using the appliances properly, replacing all the old ones with new appliances and devices, and so on. 

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