How to save Electricity and money from your Geyser?

Are you looking for practical ways to save Electricity and money from your Geyser? We heard you. Getting hot water instantly is important on rainy, winter days or when you have an older adult or even babies at home. So most people these days own Geysers for the same purpose.

But to get a sufficient amount of hot water, it is essential for you to run the Geyser for quite some time which consumes a lot of power. So here we have listed the practical ways which help you save power and money from your Geyser.

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How to save Electricity and money from your Geyser?

1. Mindful usage:

We tend to forget to turn Off the switch after usage, which spikes up the electricity bill to a greater extent. So make sure you turn Off the Geyser after every use.

2. Star Ratings:

Just like other home appliances, Geysers do come with Star Ratings like 5 Star Geysers, 3 Star Geysers, etc.., so if you want to save money on Electricity, make sure you go for higher star rated geysers. Although the price of a 5 Star Geyser is much higher than that of a 1 Star one, it is more like an investment, and you end up saving more money on Electricity than you spent on buying it.

3. Timer:

Turning the Geyser ON and forgetting is the worst, as discussed above. So make sure you choose a Geyser with Timer to not miss out on time. These Geysers automatically turn off once the timer runs out. So if you are a person who tends to forget, then it is a perfect solution for you.

4. Temperature:

Not knowing the temperature of the water is another major mistake that we make. So Geysers with Temperature displays help you with that so that you don’t heat the water. It saves you a lot of power, thus saving you money.

There are Geysers these days that come with a temperature controller as well, which lets you change the temperature. It makes sure that the water isn’t too hot, and you can choose a custom temperature and use it. It is beneficial, especially if you have a baby and you don’t want to take the risk of overheating the water.

5. Size:

Geysers do come in various sizes, and you can choose whichever suits you. The size means the amount of water it can heat at any given point. It is a fact that Geysers with higher heating capacity consume more energy than those with a smaller Geyser. So if you are a single person or a small family and need a geyser only for a baby, make sure to get a smaller Geyser to save money.

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These are a few things that you can do to reduce the power consumption of your Geyser and save money. If you are a newbie and are looking to buy a Geyser, we highly recommend you to go ahead and choose a 5 Star Geyser. It not only reduces the power consumption but works better as well. The 5 Star Geysers are a little expensive when compared to regular ones, but they help you save a lot more money.

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