How to Choose an Energy-efficient Air Conditioner

After the long, cold, bitter yet oddly cosy winters, summer days are like a godsend. Finally, every day of hustling with sweaters came to an end. Until you realize that the hustle with sweaters turned into hustles with sweat. This is when you thank your house for an air conditioner, but then you realize that the machine is barely cooling. 

Things can take a worse turn when you realize that maybe it is time for a new air conditioner. But, when you plan to spend money, wouldn’t you want it to make its worth? That is why here are some things to remember when you are planning to buy an efficient air conditioner. Turns out it is not only cooling that makes a better air conditioner. To know what best ways to find the perfect air conditioner for your house, keep on reading. 

Things to remember when choosing an air conditioner 

Air conditioners have a lot of participation in providing comfort in a household. But there are a plethora of options to choose from. A wrong system can make the rest of the days difficult. You may end up with something you do not need, or worse, you may have huge bills every month. A wrong choice will not only drive a hold in your pocket but also let the resources and features go to waste. 

Technology is ever-improving and evolving. Every bit of something new is getting incorporated in different appliances- one of them is air conditioners. Nowadays, you will find many new interesting features that make it easier to function. However, besides the fancy features, you first need to prioritize the machine’s basic functions and decide if at all they are suitable. 

1. Size of the room 

The priority of buying an air conditioner is to find out its tonnage. This is the machine’s capacity that would determine how cool your room would get without wasting resources. Then, of course, the size of the room would decide that. The bigger the room, the more capacity you will need to make it a pleasant temperature. 

For instance, a 1 or 1.2 ton AC would be perfect for around 150 square footage for a small room. Hence, you will have to consider the rooms’ size and how many air conditioners would suffice for the house. If you buy a 3 ton AC for a small room, not only will it get too cold too fast and bring about a huge electricity bill.

2. Cooling of the air conditioners 

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is the most important thing you need to ensure. A good cooling capacity for your respective household is necessary for efficient cooling. Cooling capacity is measured by the BTU or British Thermal Units. It is printed over every air conditioner case.  

The higher the number you see on the front, the more assumed the cooling capacity. Wrong numbers for the wrong houses make things difficult on the house front. You might experience less cooling if the BTU is less for your respective house. Subsequently, you may experience faster cooling, although it may lack dehumidification. It is best to talk to professionals in these cases. 

3. Inverter or non-inverter 

It is necessary to determine whether you want an inverter or a non-inverter AC in the house. While non-inverter ACs will provide cooling, all the same, it is not easy to do that efficiently. However, the distinction and the knowledge about the same have efficiently driven people towards buying an air conditioner with an inverter. 

A non-inverter machine requires the compressor to switch on and off to adjust the temperature. However, the problem here is, the compressor retracts more power from the circuit board to do this. Plus, the constant on and off makes the air conditioner in a worse state. On the other hand, an inverter AC cools the house as it would. When it reaches the optimum temperature, the inverter will slow down, and the compressor will function in a standard way to maintain the temperature. This way, you save money and your AC from being damaged. 

4. Energy star rating 

You must have seen an energy star of 5 or 3 or on the same lines in air conditioners. On the other hand, suppose you are wondering why you should trust some random numbers. In that case, you should know about this: The energy efficiency rate comes from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. They have a given set of rules and guidelines which must be adhered to, to some extent. 

Therefore, an air conditioner that saves energy in its right sense will be rated 5. This is the highest rank of an efficient energy air conditioner. Hence, if you are looking for a machine that will give you its best, you need to look for an energy rating below 3. 

5. Environment-friendly 

Finally, the world is getting severely affected by whatever humans are doing. Unfortunately, we as a civilization have gotten used to the luxuries and thus are relentless to give that up. However, it would help if you took care of the environment as the Earth is the only place to live. Thus, even though you are actively not giving up the luxuries of air conditioners, the least you can do is get an environment-friendly one. 

Most air conditioners have the potential for ozone layer depletion, making living worse for humankind in the future. That said, many trustworthy brands are coming up with brand new environment-friendly air conditioners. They provide the same or better efficiency without harming the world. 

6. Smart machines 

When talking about efficiency, it is not just about the machine’s cooling capacity and energy stars. Efficiency is also an amalgamation of the smaller things that paint the big picture. This refers to the smart air conditioners that are ruling hearts now. 

You can opt for air conditioners with wifi in them. This way, you can exert voice control over the machine. This way, you can stop the machine when you realize the cooling is enough. Or you can easily add a timer with voice control so that you can save time, energy, and resources. 

7. Specifications 

Although, efficiency is subjective. Once you have found an air conditioner with the basic needs fulfilled, you need to look for things that will make the machine better for you. Therefore, when you are satisfied with your choice, you can focus on the smaller things. These things comprehensively make the machine perfect and efficient by your standards. 

These things could be already present in the one you choose. But you can always compare air conditioners to understand what can give you more. Some of the better features that are attractive and make a better product are: 

  • Auto-cleaning 
  • Anti-bacterial filter 
  • Dehumidifier 
  • Heaters
  • Timers and sleep profiles 


Therefore, to sum up, efficient machines are abundant in the market. However, having an air conditioner with good benefits that serve you all around can be considered truly efficient. That said, hopefully, these pointers are going to help you pick out the perfect air conditioner for your home.  

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