What are the essential features to look for in a water purifier?

Are you looking to buy a water purifier and have no idea how to choose one? We got you covered. Here we have answered all the essential features that you need to look for before buying a water Purifier.

Water Purifiers have become more essential these days with pollution everywhere. So choosing a good quality water purifier that does a good job in proving pure and safe water needs to be done with care. 

Features that you need to look for in a Water Purifier

1. TDS

It is very important to know the TDS level of the water in your locality. Every Water Purifier is designed to purify a certain TDS level, and you need to choose the right product for your TDS level. 

TDS level is nothing but the number of dissolved impurities that is present in the water which you need to purify. So make sure to use a TDS Meter and check the TDS level and then go ahead and look for a Water Purifier.

2. Technology

Water Purifiers come with various technologies, and there are different types of water purifiers like RO, UV, UF, NF, etc.., to purify the water. Every technology is used to purify water according to your needs. These days, water Purifiers come with two or more of these technologies. So make sure to choose the right technology for your needs.

3. Purifying Capacity

Water Purifiers are designed to purify a certain amount of water per hour. So choose a product with high water purification capacity so that it can purify the water needed for the entire day in just a few hours. The ideal water purification capacity is 20 litres per hour.

4. Stages

The water purifiers go through a lot of stages of purification. With each stage, the impurities are removed, and it reaches the storage tank finally. So choose a water purifier with more purification stages. 6 stage or 7 stage water purification would be the best to choose from.

5. Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is yet another important factor to look for when choosing a water purifier. The Storage capacity is the amount of purified water that the water purifier can store at a time. You can choose the storage according to your requirements. If you have a small family, then a water purifier with 6 to 7 litres is more than sufficient for you.

6. Water Wastage

Water Wastage is the most important thing that you must consider too. Most water purifiers reject water which goes to the drain. Although you can use the rejected water for other purposes like washing, cleaning, etc.., it is important to choose a water purifier with low or no water wastage. There are a few water purifiers with no water wastage that recycles the rejected water and purifies it, and makes it suitable for drinking. 

7. Maintenance

Water Purifier is a product that requires some sort of maintenance. So make sure to choose one with very low maintenance, and it might save you a ton of money and time in maintaining the water purifier. There are a few water purifiers with low maintenance that you check out.

8. Water Pressure

Yes, the water pressure in your area is important as most water purifiers work only if there is a certain pressure. So check the pressure of water in your locality before buying a water purifier.

9. Power

Most Water Purifiers work with electricity, so make sure to choose a product with low power consumption so that you can use it with inverters even when there is a power cut.

10. Mounting

The Water Purifiers can either be mounted to the wall or placed on a tabletop. It is entirely according to your comfort. There are some water purifiers that can be used both wall-mounted and on table tops.

10. Additional Features

These days, Water purifiers do more than just proofing the water. Most water purifiers come with a lot of other features which enhance the usage. 

Most water purifiers comes with features such as,

  • Mineral Technology: While the purification process, water loses all of its essential vitamins and minerals. It helps add back all the essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Carbon Filter: As we all know, carbon is one of the most famous products that remove impurities. Some Water Purifiers come with Carbon Filter, which helps purify the water better.
  • Smart Alerts: Water Purifiers also come with Smart Alerts, which alert us if there is any malfunction and also alert us if the filter needs to be changed. It gives you a warning 15 days before you actually need to change the filter, and some water purifiers do not dispense water if the filter is left unchanged.
  • pH: Some water purifiers do come with a pH balancer which adjusts the pH level of the water and removes the acidic nature of the water, and makes sure it is healthy for consumption.


Water Purifiers are more like a necessity these days, and choosing a good water purifier is not that difficult after all by following all the things that we have mentioned above.

One tip we would give you is to make sure to list down all of your requirements and then search for the product. This way, it would be easier for you to narrow down and land on the product that matches all your requirements without much doubt and confusion.

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