9 Benefits of Inverter AC(Air Conditioner)

Have you ever thought about why most people want to buy inverter air conditioners?

No, right?

Many people don’t even understand the use of inverter ac, let alone know its benefits. In earlier days, ACs used to have non-inverter compressors. As a result, the current consumed was always at its peak, regardless of the temperature setting. This increased power consumption and harmed the environment. This is why manufacturers introduced inverter air conditioners. 

In these appliances, the BLDC motor adjusts the speed of the inverter rotors as per the temperature settings. Therefore, the current consumption is also adjusted based on the speed. If the temperature setting is high, the compressor needs less power and vice versa. Therefore, the AC operates optimally per the input values and not at the peak levels. 

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of an inverter AC in detail so that the next time you plan to buy the appliance, you won’t hesitate much.

Top 9 Benefits of Inverter AC(Air Conditioner)

1. Reduces the power consumption 

One of the major benefits of using inverter air conditioners is reducing your power consumption by ten folds. This is because the compressor will rotate at a variable speed per the motor’s mechanical energy. Therefore, the motor won’t consume electric power at its peak level throughout its operations. This is why the units consumed per month will decrease, and you won’t have to pay huge bills. 

2. Helps in stabilizing the input voltages 

As the air conditioner needs to be connected with a direct AC supply, any fluctuation in the input voltage will cause damage to the motor and the compressor in return. In such cases, you have to add a voltage stabilizer additionally, thereby spending more than what is required. Therefore, choosing the inverter air conditioners is better because they operate in response to the temperature set through the remote control. Moreover, as the voltage consumed will not always be at its peak value, you won’t have to worry about the voltage fluctuations affecting the motor and compressor. 

3. Maintains the room temperature at a constant value 

Another major benefit of having an inverter air conditioner is that it maintains the room’s temperature at a constant value set by the remote control. No matter how the input voltage fluctuates or whether there are ups and downs in the signal, the output voltage will be supplied constantly at the motor’s end. Therefore, the compressor will work at a constant speed and maintain the temperature appropriately. It will change its speed only when the temperature is changed from the input. 

4. It is more efficient in cooling

The inverter air conditioner will cool down the room in the best possible way compared to the non-inverter ACs. It will rapidly reduce the temperature, almost within a couple of minutes, without sacrificing the structure and functioning of the inner circuits and components. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about enduring the high temperatures for a long time, regardless of how hot the day is. 

5. Can cool down any space 

One of the best things about inverter air conditioners is that they can cool down any space, regardless of the tonnage ratings. For example, suppose you choose an inverter AC having a 1.5-tonne capacity. In that case, it can easily cool down a space of approximately 700 cubic feet. But, of course, you can also use the ACs for residential and commercial areas, so the demand is so high. 

6. Doesn’t need too much wiring protection

As the inverter air conditioner won’t consume too much electrical power, there is no need to use high-end wiring systems. Therefore, you don’t have to spend too much money on the wires or install special protective systems to ensure that the appliance can stay safe for the longest time. Apart from this, you also won’t have to worry about replacing the parts frequently due to electrical damages. 

7. Works noiselessly in the rooms 

The inverter air conditioners are reinforced with BLDC motors or brushless DC motors. As they don’t have any brushes, the motor won’t make any whirring sounds, regardless of whether it operates at the peak value. On the contrary, the non-inverter air conditioners will make a lot of noise because they are equipped with a regular motor having brush contacts with the carbon rings. Therefore, once you switch on the AC, you will hear the whirring sounds that disturb the ambience and make you uncomfortable. This is why choosing the inverter ACs is much better. 

8. It is an eco-friendly option

As the non-inverter air conditioners always operate at the peak value, the energy consumed will be high, even though half of it is not required. Therefore, the AC will cause energy wastage, which will further negatively impact the environment. This is why most manufacturers have already stopped supplying non-inverter air conditioners and have switched to inverter ones. These can operate at a variable speed, so the energy consumed will be optimum. Therefore, an inverter AC won’t negatively impact the environment, and thus, it is considered an eco-friendly option. 

9. Has longer lifetime and durability

Lastly, the inverter air conditioners can last long without needing too many repairs. The appliance won’t need frequent maintenance or replacement of the components like the evaporator coils, condenser coils, motor, etc. Besides, most inverter air conditioners have well-protected parts, so the appliances are highly durable. 


Now that you are aware of the benefits of installing an inverter air conditioner, we are certain that you won’t make any other mistakes. When selecting an AC, make sure it has a higher energy rating and comes with copper condenser coils to increase the cooling efficiency further. The inverter air conditioners might be higher than the non-inverter ones; if you see the benefits, it’s best to invest in the former type. 

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