Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimney – Which is Better?

Are you looking to buy a chimney and are confused about the Baffle filter vs the Filterless Chimney? We understand that it might get a little difficult for you to choose between the two, and hence we have a comparison here, and you can decide for yourself.

First things first, 

1. Why do we need a Chimney?

With the heat and never-ending summers, it is impossible to stand in the kitchen without much ventilation. With the apartment culture, we barely have any ventilation in the kitchen and cooking in the summer with no ventilation is nearly impossible. And you also are prone to lung disease if you inhale the smoke from the kitchen. Here is where a chimney comes to our rescue.

2. What are all the types of Chimney?

 There are 3 common types of chimneys that are available in the market.

  • Wall-mounted: As the name suggests, they are mounted to the wall and are perfect for a smaller kitchen. 
  • Island Chimney: It is mounted at the centre, suitable for houses that have centralised bigger kitchens.
  • Built-in or Prefabricated: Just as the name suggests, it is a built-in chimney which is contributed along with the house, just like olden times when we Indians used to have a built-in Chimney.

3. Baffle filter Chimney and Filterless Chimney?

Okay, so basically, Chimneys do come with filters, and there are a few Chimneys that are filterless too. Baffle filter is one such common and popular filter that comes with most Chimneys with a filter, whereas the Filterless Chimneys do not come with a filter as the name suggests.

3.1 What is a baffle filter?

A baffle filter is a popular filter that is mostly made with stainless steel metal which is formed by interlinking baffles which have enough space between them for the air to exit.

The baffle filters are designed in such a way that they not only help in the smooth exit of the smoke of air but also let the grease pass through them and prevent them from entering the Chimney. The baffle filter makes the oil drop down, and it is collected by the oil collector cup near the motor of the Chimney.

3.1.1 Does the Baffle filter need maintenance?

The huge drawback of baffle filters, or any Chimney with Filter for that matter, is the maintenance. The filters need frequent maintenance for them to work properly. 

It is also essential for you to remove the filter and clean them with soap and water every few days. However, we highly recommend you get the maintenance done by a professional to ensure everything is safe and secured.

However, some Chimneys do come with an Auto clean mode, too, where the Chimney automatically cleans by itself.

3.2 What is a filterless Chimney?

Just as the name suggests, the filterless Chimneys do not have any filters. It is very convenient as the traditional chimneys come with filters which need frequent cleaning and maintenance, whereas these Chimneys do not need any of them.

3.2.1 How do you clean the Filterless Chimney?

Most filterless Chimneys come with an Auto-clean mode where the oil and the impurities are collected in the oil collector cup, which you have to empty and rinse off with mild soap and water.

The Filterless Chimneys also come with an i-Auto-clean mode where the Chimney automatically schedules time for the cleaning if and when needed, which makes it very convenient.

Now that you know the difference between a Filterless Chimney and a Baffle filter Chimney, you can choose whichever works for you.

We suggest you choose the Baffle filter Chimney or the Chimney with filters in general, as they block all the grease and oil and make sure the smoke has a smooth exit.

Though filterless Chimneys perform well and are low maintenance when compared to baffle filter chimneys or Chimneys with filters, they do not perform as good as Chimneys with Filter, although there isn’t any evidence to support the fact. Also, if the filterless Chimneys get damaged or repaired, you need to spend a lot on repairing them, whereas, with the baffle filter, you only need to clean or change the filter.

4. Difference Between Baffle Filter and Filterless Chimney

FunctionBaffle FilterFilterless Chimney
BenefitBetter PerformanceEasy Maintenance
Suitable forPeople who choose performance People who don’t have the time to maintain frequently
CleaningManual/Auto cleanAuto clean
Noise level40 to 65db40 to 65db
Warranty1 year on average 1 year on average
PriceAvailable under 10k10to15k 

5. Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimneys – Which is Better?

According to us, if you are looking for a Chimney that has high performance and under 10000, you can go ahead and choose the Baffle filter Chimney.

Baffle filters are designed to work under high smoke and oil and make sure they give smoke a smooth exit.

If you are someone who is always on the go and do not have the time to clean or maintain the filters, then Filterless Chimney is the best option for you. They are designed for medium smoke and they get rid of the excess oil too

No matter what Chimney you are buying, make sure to keep in mind :

6. FAQs

1. How do you clean a filterless Chimney?

The Filterless Chimneys mostly have an Auto-clean and I Auto clean feature. However, if you need to clean and maintain them, make sure to hire a professional to help you with that.

2. Are filterless Chimneys more expensive than baffle filter Chimneys?

Both filterless Chimney and Baffle filter Chimneys fall under a similar price range. If you are on a budget, there are a lot of good Chimneys under 10000 you can choose from, and if you have the budget, there are even better chimneys under 15000 which you can choose from.

3. Which is more efficient, baffle chimneys or filterless chimneys?

According to us, if you want high performance and high durable Chimney, we would suggest you the Chimney with filters. However, these days both the filterless and filter Chimneys come in the same quality.

4. Is a filterless chimney good for an Indian kitchen?

Yes, Filterless Chimneys are designed for Indian kitchens and it absorbs oil and it stores them in an oil collector cup which can be removed and cleaned.

5. Which type of chimney is best for an open kitchen?

For an open kitchen, you might use an island chimney which would be bigger in size as the open kitchen has a lot of space, you can choose that.

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