What is an auto-clean chimney?

Cleaning a kitchen chimney is the required & challenging job in the kitchen. Advancing in an Auto-clean kitchen chimney can pay bonuses as it is handy in removing smoke & other impurities in the kitchen to make it a healthy place.

Hence, this needs certain principles of centrifugal force to extract the oil particles and hot gases, trap them on the filters in the Chimney’s blower.  Eventually, to let the smoke outside the house via the exhaust pipe ( ducted with auto-clean Chimney).

There are few things you must know before buying a Chimney.

How Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney Works?

Auto-clean chimneys permits with a non-stick aluminum turbine blower. While the fumes pass via the blower, the oil is detached and strapped towards the Chimney’s wall due to centrifugal force. At the same time, this helps in assembling oil in the oil tray/cup. Now, with the support of an oil tray or cup, you can effectively remove the oil, and your Chimney is prepared to utilize again.

Why Use an Auto-Clean Chimney?

An auto-clean chimney is enabled with an oil collector and is supportable along with a non-stick aluminum turbine. It efficiently separates fumes from oil, purifying the air that gets into your kitchen. Due to this, you need not put any exertion into cleaning.

Oil collectorAvailable with turbine blower that helps to separates the fume from oil and collects it effectively in trayOil gets collected in the filter as there’s no tray
LifespanGood life spanBelow average life span reference to the oil gets stuck
MaintenanceLow maintenance, perhaps once every month. You need to empty the oil tray and clean out the filter.It should be highly maintained and require vigorous cleaning in terms of clogged filter twice a month.
Suction powerSuction power effectively highPoor Suction Power
PriceMuch costly than the normal onesAverage cost

Auto-clean chimneys work with longer life spans in accordance with the normal ones. This is due to the oil never sticking to the parts of the inner side of the Chimney. Eventually, it requires less maintenance when compared with the normal ones. Nowadays, people look for appliances that are relaxed to utilize and entail low maintenance or effort to clean.

Hence, this is the actual procedure of auto clean Chimney that offers you for your daily routine. Using this button, you can easily enable the auto-clean mode & you’re almost done. Similarly, these chimneys have become more affordable for most Indian households. Eventually, this is the major reason why people started to initiate their choice in auto-clean chimneys compared to the other normal models.

Other specifications of auto-clean Chimney:

1. Autoclean Technology

Chimneys can make your kitchen free from oil and smoke. Auto-clean supports to get rid of oil particles with a single touch. It can help you to avoid oil and grease spilling / particles affecting the Chimney’s suction power. Hence, if they get stored in the oil collector, they may end up in increasing the life span and also lowers the risk of cleaning the filters periodically.

2. Gesture Control

Gesture control is the capability to identify and understand movements of the human body for effective interactions. It can even control chimneys without any direct physical contact.

3. Filterless Technology

Filterless Chimney is the subsequent generation of Auto-clean Chimney. Without filters, Filterless Chimney ensures the truly Cleaning hassles can be consumable and cost zero maintenance. Added to this, looking up the motor position inside the Chimney can also helps in clearing the path for smoke and air.

4. Suction Power

Suction power indicates the consumption of oil and smoke particles during the cooking process, particularly in your kitchen. Faber Chimney, available with a higher suction power of 1200m3/h, can support you in cooking your favorite food easily and in a peaceful manner.

5. Low noise

You won’t experience much noise to provide a calm environment in your kitchen. But, alternatively, you can also focus on your cooking without any other disturbances.

Make sure you choose a Chimney size that suits your small kitchen.

Advantages of an Auto-clean chimney:

  • Cost-effective – Energy efficient: The traditional chimneys don’t come with equipped and powerful blowers. Due to this, the chimneys use effective power to allow the blower to exit hot gases. Because of this, you can get reduced suction power, resulting in oil and grease accumulation on the Chimney’s interiors and increased clogging.

    The auto-clean chimneys featured high-quality blowers that can work with centrifugal force to suck and exit the hot gases and oil particles faster than any conventional chimneys. Concerning your interiors, Don’t get clogged regularly; these appliances occupy less power.
  • Cost-effective – Less maintenance: The auto-clean chimneys won’t permit the grease particles to collect on the Chimney’s interior walls. So here, the oil collector collects the oil and permits free air movement between the motor and the Chimney’s mouth. Also, they even ensure that the waste gases leak via the exhaust pipes securely without clogging them.
  • Oil Collector in Chimney: Alternatively, the non-auto-clean chimneys will be equipped with traditional mesh filters or baffle filter support. These filters trap the oil and grease by permitting the smoke to exit out.

    Regarding the period/time, the filters may get clogged with grease. Therefore, these appliances need regular removal and cleaning procedure. So, they experience more preservation costs than the auto-clean kitchen chimneys.
  • High efficiency – More Powerful Suction: Indian cuisine might use a lot of oil and spices. As a result, you spoil in heavy-duty cooking actions like deep frying, grilling, roasting, etc.

    As a result of this, you can see the emission of more smoke and soot. So, an auto-clean chimney piece of evidence is handy due to its higher suction power. However, due to its lower suction power, the outdated non-auto-clean chimneys won’t be as competent as the auto-clean ones.
  • Less Maintenance – Easy to clean: Auto-clean chimneys are supported with automatic cleaning systems that work at the touch of a button. Henceforth, it is suitable to clean these chimneys anytime.

    Eventually, the non-auto-clean chimney models need regular cleaning by eliminating the filters & washing them by hand or in a dishwasher.
  • Extended lifespan: As auto-clean chimneys won’t need more maintenance, they last longer than their actual non-auto-clean counterparts.

Disadvantages of Auto-clean Chimneys

  • Higher Initial Cost: The auto-clean chimneys are highly luxurious than the baffle filter or mesh filter-equipped chimneys due to their extraordinary features like auto-cleaning mechanisms, motion sensors, etc.

    On the other hand, these chimneys need less cleaning and maintenance. Though, the best feature of auto-clean chimneys is that they verify economical in the long run. So, it can work longer than the non-auto-clean chimneys, which they save on costs.
  • High Repair Costs: Kitchen chimneys are unprotected from heavy smoke and oil/grease whenever you cook food. In contrast, these oil particles can clog the filters and stick to inappropriate places inside the machine. Simultaneously, auto-clean chimneys are highly available with advanced features which can prove luxurious to repair.


Here, both non-auto-clean and auto-clean chimneys are active in their places. However, auto-clean chimneys can be the easiest and latest solution to the preservation problem compared to the normal chimney consequences. Moreover, in auto-clean chimneys, the cleaning determination is much more minimal; you want negligible maintenance, which is highly recommended & cost-effective.

Besides, auto-clean chimneys are meant to be the best option for the majority of modern households. Hence, if you require a less or no- maintenance, cost-effective Chimney with a long lifespan, go for the auto-clean one.

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1. What are the benefits of using a chimney?

Generally, Chimney is available with a powerful motor to activate the suction power of 1100 m3/hr. Consequently, you can be free from smoke or even less smoke and more fragrance while cooking. Furthermore, the suction action eliminates dust and safeguards healthy food to eat.

2. What are the benefits of auto cleaning?

Auto clean can support in escaping from oil particles using simple steps. It stops the oil and grease particles that can barely affect the suction power of the Chimney. The oil is stored in the oil collector, which can improve the life span and decrease the chance of cleaning the filters more often.

1. Auto clean chimneys have high suction power, thus preventing oil and grease particles from collecting inside the chimneys.
2. The turbine blower inside auto clean chimneys prevents any oil clogging and increases subsequent performance. 
3. Easy cleaning and reduced maintenance. The oil from cooking gets collected separately and removed without much problem.
4. Embedded with auto filter cleaning technology. It reduces the effort involved in cleaning the kitchen filters.

3. At what minimum distance is the chimney installed from the cooking stove? 

As per standard installation rules, you should maintain a minimum distance of 3 to 3.5 feet between your gas stove and the chimney. The distance varies depending on the size of the chimney and the kitchen area. However, the above minimum distance is recommended for effective cleaning and functioning of auto filtration mechanisms.

4. How much power does a kitchen chimney consume?

The average power consumption of an auto-clean chimney while running usually ranges from 150 to 200 watts. This consumption excludes other components like auto clean functions that utilize another 120 to 150 watts. As a whole, the total wattage is usually between 350 to 400 watts, especially for chimneys having high suction capacities. 

5. What is a filterless kitchen chimney?

A filterless chimney does not have any filtering mechanism. It is a type of auto-clean chimney that collects all the oil and grease during its functioning. Later using the auto clean mechanism, all the dirt gets cleaned out from the appliance. Filterless chimneys help reduce consumable and maintenance costs to almost zero.

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