15 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Are you surfing everywhere for the perfect Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips? Don’t look any further. Here we have listed all of the important tips that you would ever need to maintain your AC.

While we all love using ACs, it is really important for us to maintain them. Maintaining the AC does take some time and effort, but the result is something that is totally worth it.

Benefits of Well Maintained ACs

Well, Maintained ACs do have a lot of benefits. 

The Well Maintained ACs:

  • Consume way less power than an AC that is not maintained well.
  • Work more efficiently and provide better cooling.
  • You can easily detect any damages or malfunction and correct them earlier. If you don’t maintain it well, you will not be able to detect malfunctions earlier on. You only get to know when there is a fault, and you spend a lot more money to repair it.

15 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

1. Check up

Like us Humans, appliances like ACs require frequent monitoring. Make sure to have maintenance checks with professionals done every year at least.

2. Filter

Clean your Air Filters as often as you can. The air filters tend to hold on to a lot of dust and dirt, which might block the air from entering the room, thus resulting in poor cooing. So it is a good idea to clean the filters once in a while at home.

3. Condenser

We usually have an outdoor unit for the AC where the Condenser is placed. So make sure to check on the outdoor unit too, as any faults can damage the AC and result in poor cooling. 

4. Refrigerant

We all know how important it is for your AC to have refrigerant. Refrigerant Gas is the one that is very important in proving the required cooling. So have a check on the refrigerant level and refill it whenever needed.

5. Coolant tubes

In some cases, the coolant tubes or the coolant lines might be frozen due to climatic changes or other internal changes. It affects the cooling capacity of the AC, thus making the AC not work properly. So keep an eye on the coolant lines as well.

6. Leaks

The ACs Ducts might leak some air over time. So make sure to check if there is any leakage and mend it. The leakage also affects the cooling of the AC too.

7. Thermostat

Thermostats are also one of the important components of the AC that adjusts the temperature. So it is great to get the thermostat checked to improve the efficiency of your AC’s running capacity.

8. Ambient temperature

The temperature of the surroundings is important for the AC to work properly and provides the required cooling. So make sure you maintain the ambient temperature of the room and not increase it by keeping the windows open, using hot appliances, etc..,

9. Drain

As we know, ACs do need a draining unit where they chuck out the excess moisture away. If there is a blockage in the drain area, it might affect the cooling capacity and ruin the AC. So you need to check if there is any algae growth or disturbance in the drain unit.

10. Over usage

We all tend to make this mistake, and we are guilty, right? Overusing the AC might not be good for its durability. If you maintain the AC well, you don’t need to run it for longer hours. So make sure you don’t overuse it.

11. Timers

It is a continuation of the above point on overuse of the AC. If you forget to turn Off your AC or are simply too lazy to turn it Off as it might disturb your sleep, you can always set a timer, and the AC automatically turns Off after a certain time.

12. Size

Do you have the right AC for your room? While most tend not to take it seriously, getting a perfect size AC for your room is essential. They help provide you with the proper cooling and work more efficiently. So if you feel there is less cooling, it might be because your AC is too small for your room.

13. Change the parts

If you find out there is a fault in any components or the filter, make sure to change it. You can always change the faulty components and revamp your AC which helps you maintain the AC well.

14. Outdoor Unit

While we know AC has an Outdoor unit, make sure the ambience of the outdoor unit isn’t bad. If the outdoor unit becomes too hot, it damages the Condenser. So make sure to install the outdoor unit in a place that has a better temperature and ambience.

15. Upgrade

If your AC is pretty old and you feel it consumes way higher power than it initially did, it is high time you consider upgrading. While making the purchase, make sure to choose an Energy-Efficient AC with 5 star or 3 Star Ratings as it not only reduces the power consumption but also works more efficiently than your traditional ACs.


ACS usually don’t notify you of minor malfunctions. So if you have it checked regularly, you will get to know even the smallest of the malfunctions, and you can repair it immediately. So we urge you to schedule an appointment with a professional and check your AC.

Although there are a few things that you can do by yourself, like cleaning the filter and checking for algae in the outdoor area, we highly suggest you seek professional help. It is not only safe for you, but it also helps you spot any errors in the beginning stage itself.

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