7 Best Washing Machine With Inbuilt Heater In India 2023

Doesn’t it become frustrating to warm some water first and then soak all your dirty laundry with washing powder overnight

Yes, it does, and that’s why you have started ignoring this process altogether. But without heated water, are the clothes getting washed properly? 

No, obviously not! 

As hot water is essential for properly cleaning the clothes, there is no question considering other options.

On the other hand, you can’t waste more time and effort soaking the laundry overnight. You have the in-built water heaters in the washing machines for such situations. 

Recently, a new type of washing machine has been launched with heaters present inside.

These heaters allow one to operate the temperature, thereby obliterating the need to soak clothes and perform other tedious tasks.

With the growing need to know the best washing machine with an inbuilt heater in India, we have written a complete guide. 

How have we tested and verified the products? 

Before moving further to descriptions of the products stocked in our list, we would like to glimpse how we picked up the best product.

First, we compared all the products based on their efficiency and performance.

After studying the market several times, one thing was clear: the consumer market expectations change rapidly, and it always looks for the most efficient products

After this, we focused on minute details like the capacity, motor speed, heater capabilities, and others.

We were left with only seven products, and the rest didn’t qualify according to our testing strategies.

7 Best Washing Machine With Inbuilt Heater In India 2023

1. IFB Diva Aqua SX 6 Kg

IFB 6 kg Washing Machine Diva Aqua SX Silver Inbuilt Heater


  1. Water softener technology 
  2. Front-loading design
  3. 4 years all over guarantee 
  4. 6kg internal capacity 

If you are looking for a cost-efficient and high-performance washing machine, no other product will be as good as the IFB Diva Aqua SX.

IFB might be a new name for many, but not for the consumer market. Almost all of their products are high-class and have several new features which make them stand out in the crowd.

Similarly, you will find some amazing features like the Aqua regia, which ensures that the water can mix well with the detergents.

Again, a ball lock in the drainpipe traps the detergent and foam, allowing only the water to pass.

The special properties of anti-allergens will wash your laundry in a hygienic environment. You can even stop the washing cycle and insert some add-on laundry midway


  • Inbuilt inverter for voltage monitoring
  • 800rpm motor speed for faster drying
  • 15 different wash programs on the control panel
  • Self-tub clean property 


  • No LED display present at the top

2. IFB Senator WXS

IFB 8kg Washing Machine Senator WXS Silver Inbuilt Heater


  1. 8kg internal capacity
  2. LCD present at the front
  3. Anti-slip grip pads on the stands’
  4. Cylindrical drum shape 

The IBS senator WXS has become famous for its specially designed 4D washing system.

With the help of this technology, water is sprayed from the dynamic jets, while the showers coming from the paddles help in the 4D soaking of the laundry.

Fourteen different wash programs are present for various activities like pressure washing, gentle wash, woolen washing, etc.

You can see all the details on the white LED screen display, making it easy for you to monitor.

Thanks to the clean tub property, you won’t have to worry about impurity accumulation or unpleasant odor.

You can even preselect the wash settings for daily purposes and repeat the same with the special “Repeat Wash” function. 


  • Crescent mood shaped drum for better washing
  • Tough stain removal feature
  • Power motor with the rotational speed of 1400 rpm


  • No midway laundry insert facility available 

3. Whirlpool Stainwash Pro 6.5 Kg

Whirlpool 6 5 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine with In Built Heater


  1. Top load design
  2. Sleek and space-efficient structure
  3. Three different hot water modes
  4. 99.9% removal of germs and allergens 

Sometimes, washing machines come with specialized and unique features that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, and the Whirlpool Stainwash is a living example of the same.

Unlike other products having an inbuilt heater, the Stainwash Pro from Whirlpool provides three different hot water functions- warm, hot, and anti-allergen.

It has 12 normal wash modes and a special Eco Mode and an Anti-Bacterial mode other than these three options.

The central LCD display will show the timer and other details for better monitoring.

The machine can remove 25 different stains thanks to the powerful motor, starting with the lightest ones to the most stubborn ones.

Also, Whirlpool has paid attention to the consumer market demand and included the Dynamix feature. It will prevent the residues from sticking to the surface of the clothes. 


  • The soft closing system of the lid
  • Less usage of detergent, thanks to a smart water system
  • Zero Pressure Fill technology helps in faster tub filling


  • The small LCD display on the control panel

4. LG FHD1057STB

LG 10 5 Kg 7 0 Kg Inverter Wi Fi Washer Dryer FHD1057STB In built Heater


  1. Turbo wash feature
  2. Small and compact design for space-saving
  3. Clear and prominent digital display screen 
  4. Stainless steel regulator knob

If you are looking for a compact washing machine but with a large tub capacity, the LG FHD1057STB is the ideal product in the entire Indian market.

Along with having an inbuilt heater, you will also find an AI-enabled system for Wi-Fi monitoring.

Hence, you won’t have to wait anymore for the alarm to go on or the timer to make a beeping sound.

The AI DD system will allow you to control the operations of the drum in six different ways, including rolling, tumbling, and swing.

For faster washing and drying, the motor has a turbo a feature in a 360-degree direction.

Jet steam will help remove the microbes and other allergens from your laundry with ease. 


  • Touch-enabled display control panel 
  • Knobbed regulator for easy wash feature selection
  • Self-cleaning drum to prevent odors
  • 1370 rpm rotational speed limit on the motor


  • Dryer capacity is only for 7 kgs

5. Whirlpool Whitemagic Elite Plus 6.5 Kg

Whirlpool 6 5 kg Washing Machine with In Built Heater


  1. 25 stain types removal feature 
  2. Hard wash for removing 48-hours old stain
  3. Smart control panel design 
  4. Sleek and slender to fit into any place

One of the best washing machines in the Indian market is the Whitemagic Elite Plus, thanks to the 6th SENSE Smart Sensors.

Starting from an automated drain system to load sensing, the 6th SENSE technology will help you operate the washing machine efficiently.

The inbuilt heater heats the water in six different ways as per the needs of the laundry, thereby ensuring that it can remove the stains easily with no remnant of the same.

You can even select any of the three hot water modes. The tub has a cylindrical crescent shape that allows multiple motions of the laundry and water mixed.

You won’t have to worry about cleaning the tub since the self-cleaning feature will work for you. 


  • No residue to be left on the clothes, thanks to Dynamix
  • Zero Pressure Fill technology for faster tub filling
  • Magic lint filter present for better tub cleaning


  • Higher energy consumption

6. Bosch WVG30460IN 8 kg

Bosch 8 kg 5 kg Inverter Washer Dryer WVG30460IN White Inbuilt Heater


  1. Corrosion-resistant white body paint
  2. 2 years warranty 
  3. Large LED display screen 
  4. Antivibration design of the chassis

For a family of 3 to 4, the Bosch WVG30460IN is the ideal choice as it comes with an 8-kilogram tank capacity.

Bosch has truly done wonders to this machine, all thanks to the smart control panel at the front.

It comes with 14 different wash programs like Prewash, Silk delicate wash, spin or drain, intensive dry, gentle dry, etc.

Also, you can watch all the details, including the timer on the large LCD screen display at the end of the front panel.

A specially designed AllergyPlus program has been installed in the product to help clean all the laundry.

Due to the heater, you can heat the water up to 60 degrees Celsius, thereby ensuring all the stains and other contaminants are removed.

Also, the machine utilizes every drop of water, thereby preventing water wastage while washing. 


  • VarioPerfect to reduce the energy consumption
  • Thoroughly washes the laundry via the VarioDrum feature
  • Reloading of laundry or early removal is possible


  • Smaller front load lid

7. Panasonic F72AH8MRB 7.2 kg

Panasonic 7 2 kg Built in Heater Washing Machine


  1. Fully automatic washing machine
  2. Top load feature 
  3. Multi-control LCD touch panel
  4. 2-years warranty period

No other washing machine will ever be as popular as the Panasonic 7.2kg, fully automated product for an average tub capacity.

Here, you will find 10 different wash programs like Bedsheet Wash, ECOWash, Soak, etc.

Apart from this, you will have a full-scale timer range for different functions like soaking, washing, delaying, etc.

One can easily adjust the hot water temperature to ensure that the clothes don’t damage due to too much heat.

It has a powerful motor whose output deliverable power is about 702 RPM. The top lid is quite broad, and hence, you won’t have any problem opening the cover and closing it back.

Thanks to Active Foam technology, the machine will remove any stain from the fabric.

Also, the Aqua Spin Rinse technology will help in cleaning off the detergents perfectly. 


  • Touch-sensitive control panel
  • The child safety lock is present 
  • Automatic restart feature available 


  • No ball lock feature available in the drainpipe

Things to consider before buying a washing machine with an inbuilt heater

  1. Capacity: Based on the members of your family and the usual size of the laundry, you have to decide the tub’s capacity before finalizing the washing machine.
    It’s better to buy a larger washing machine than a smaller one since then, and you will have to wash the laundry in batches. 
  2. Smart features: If you want to control the washing machine remotely, it should sport AI-enabled or Wi-Fi-controlled features.
    Only then will you be able to integrate the product’s functionality with your mobile device. 
  3. Drum shape: Next, you need to choose the best drum shape because based on this feature, the washing capability of the product will vary.
    For example, a diamond drum can scrub and wash clothes better than a crescent drum. 
  4. Wash programs: Before you finalize the product, you must ensure that the washing machine has all the wash programs you are looking for.
    Also, there should be options for changing the temperature of the heater, the timer, and other such parameters. 


Inbuilt water heaters play a very significant role in cleaning the clothes and removing the toughest stains with ease.

You won’t have to scrub with your hand to make the laundry look cleaner and brighter. You have to choose only the best washing machine with an inbuilt heater in India.

Out of the seven washing machines discussed today, the IFB Diva Aqua is one of the best choices for standard tub capacity, multiple wash programs, and advanced washing capability.

Similarly, with the Whirlpool Whitemagic Elite, you will be able to remove 25 stains, thereby making it the best for large family use. 


  1. Is an inbuilt heater good for washing machines?

    Yes, the water heater in the washing machines is beneficial for smooth and more efficient cleaning of dirt and stain removal from the laundry. 

  2. Which LG washing machine has an inbuilt heater?

    LG FHD1057STB comes with an inbuilt heater to increase the water’s temperature within the tub itself. 

  3. What is the most reliable brand of washer and dryer?

    The reliability of a washer and dryer brand will depend on your requirements. For example, if your priority is the variations of wash programs, IFB and Whirlpool are the best brands. For higher capacity, LG and Bosch are more reliable. 

  4. Which is the best washing machine with a dryer in India?

    Whirlpool Stainwash Pro is the best washing machine with a dryer in India as the motor has quite a high-speed rating for quick-drying function. 

  5. Can I use a washing machine with only cold water?

    You can easily use cold water with a washing machine. But with cold water, the cleaning efficiency wouldn’t be optimal. 

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