7 Best BLDC Fan In India 2024 To Save Electricity

The normal ceiling fans having an induction AC motor consume huge amounts of electricity.

That’s the reason behind your increased bill amounts at the end month’s end.

Induction motors need a lot of power to operate, which is why it’s time to buy a new fan that will consume less energy and save a lot of money on the electric bills. 

So, what is this new fan technology that consumes very little electric energy without compromising the output efficiency? 

It is the BLDC ceiling fans where the motors used are brushless. These fans not only consume less energy but also have the ability to deliver excellent performance.

That’s why we have decided to list down the names of the best BLDC fan in India and help you pick the best fit for your home. 

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How have we tested and picked the best BLDC fan in India?

As the BLDC fans are new technology, it put us on a tight spot when we were testing different products for picking out the best ones from the huge list.

We compared other fans with brushless motors based on certain factors like the motor’s rotational speed, sweep the area of the blades, the weight of the fans, extra features, and aesthetic designs.

In addition, we used a price comparator to check whether or not our list consisted of the most affordable fans. In the end, we were left with the top 7 BLDC fans, which have gained a lot of momentum in recent time. 

Top 7 Best BLDC Fans In India 2024

1. Atomberg Renesa BLDC Fan

51yucXY 50L. SL1500
  • Type: Ceiling Fan
  • Motor Speed: 340 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 28 W
  • Blade Sweep Size: 1200 mm
  • Air Flow: 230 CMM
  • Number of Speed Settings: 5
  • Motor: BLDC
  • Technology: Inverter Stabilization
  • Remote: Yes
  • Mode: Boost mode, timer and sleep mode
  • Warranty: 2+1 Year ON-SITE

If you are tired of operating the fan via the main switch, it’s time to get a smart controlled ceiling fan like the Atomberg Renesa BLDC fan.

It can be automatically controlled using a remote where you will have functions for scheduling the operation of the fan via the timer button, control the fan’s speed, switch on the LED lights or shut it off, and others.

It has six-speed settings that will help you set the fan’s rotation at your convenience. It is loaded with inverter technology, and hence the fan operates constantly even though the input voltage fluctuates a lot. 

As the BLDC motor has a high RPM value, the fan can move a large volume of air per minute. That’s why the room will get cooler after a few minutes of switching on the fan.

Just make sure that the fan blades are properly aligned so that they can sweep the air easily without confronting high resistive force. 


  • Remote-controlled features allow you to avoid the hassles of manual operation 
  • The BLDC motor comes with a high rpm threshold 
  • With integrated LED lams, you don’t need an additional night lamp in the room


  • The Remote’s sensor has a small signal range 

2. Atomberg Efficio BLDC Fan

Buy atomberg Efficio 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Classic Ceiling Fans with Remote Control High
  • Type: Ceiling Fan
  • Motor Speed: 350 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 28 W
  • Blade Sweep Size: 1200 mm
  • Air Flow: 230 CMM
  • Number of Speed Settings: 5
  • Motor: BLDC
  • Technology: Inverter Stabilization
  • Remote: Yes
  • Mode: Boost, Timer and Sleep mode
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Suppose you want to reduce your monthly electric bills by a huge amount. In that case, no other ceiling fan will be as efficient as the Atomberg Efficio BLDC motor.

Since the fan is equipped with a brushless motor, the appliance operates silently without even making the subtle whirring noise of the motor revolving. You can operate the fan with the help of the remote controller from a 20 feet distance maximum.

With the help of the remote, you can alter the speed, switch on the boost mode for operating the fan at its highest speed. You can even use the sleep mode to schedule the fan’s speed at your convenience. 

As the fan is made with aluminium, it is extremely lightweight, and hence there will be no problem at the time of installation.

The white paint applied on the body has anti-rusting features, enhancing the appliance’s durability and longevity.

Moreover, due to the lightweight, the blades can cut through the air quite fast, thereby operating at higher speeds than other fans.

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  • It can provide great air circulation in rooms having a maximum area of 140 feet. 
  • Power consumption is only 28-watts which will reduce the bills easily. 
  • Thanks to the inbuilt inverting technology, the fan will constantly run at the same speed. 


  • No LED night lamp is integrated within the fan’s structure. 

3. Crompton Energion HS BLDC Ceiling Fan

51jQhUN6oDL. SL1080
  • Type: Ceiling Fan
  • Motor Speed: 370 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 6 W
  • Blade Sweep Size: 1200 mm
  • Air Flow: 220 CMM
  • Number of Speed Settings: 3
  • Motor: ActivBLDC
  • Technology: RF
  • Remote: Yes
  • Mode: Sleep
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Out of most BLDC fans, the Crompton Energion HS BLDC ceiling fan has an efficiency of 98% of output power even though the input power consumption is very less.

Hence, the fan has become quite popular as one of the best eco-friendly fans. The BLDC motor can deliver 370 rpm power which will help in super-fast air circulation within the room.

Since the fan can be controlled easily by the remote controller, you won’t have to worry about manual operations.

With the help of the remote, not only can you control the speed settings but also schedule the timer for the automatic operation of the appliance. 

In combination with the BLDC motor, an inverter will help regulate the voltage at the output terminals.

Hence, even if the input voltage fluctuates, which is normal for AC supplies, your appliance will remain safe from sudden spikes. 


  • It has a CMM rating of 220 which means that the ceiling fan can move a huge volume of air in a single revolution. 
  • With in-built inverting technology, no fluctuation will occur in the ceiling fan’s speed even if the voltage changes. 
  • You can use the remote control to set timers for scheduling the speed settings of the fan. 


  • No LED lamp is integrated with the ceiling lamp

4. Orient Electric Aeroslim BLDC motor Smart Ceiling Fan

41KhV48q7L. SL1000
  • Type: Ceiling Fan
  • Motor Speed: 310 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 45 W
  • Blade Sweep Size: 1200 mm
  • Air Flow: 240 CMM
  • Number of Speed Settings: 5
  • Motor: BLDC
  • Technology: Inverter
  • Remote: Yes
  • Mode: Turbo, Sleep, breeze
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Suppose you are looking for a highly efficient fan. In that case, the Orient Electric Aeroslim BLDC motor smart ceiling fan is the best pick, all thanks to its 310 rpm and 240 CMM rating.

The brushless motor can deliver a high power of 310 rpm, so setting the fan at the highest speed will easily cool down the room’s temperature.

As for the 240 CMM rating, the fan can move 240 cubic meters of air in a minute so that you can use this fan in large rooms. One of the best things about the fan is that it can be operated by a remote as well as from your phone.

All you need to do is connect the fan with your mobile over Wi-Fi, and once the connection is established, you will be able to control all the functions, starting with speed to a timer.

In addition to this, the remote has a long-range sensor using which you will operate the fan even from a long distance. 


  • The fan has smart control features, so it can be controlled using your smartphone and via the remote. 
  • Since the BLDC motor consumes only 45-watts of energy on the input side, BLDC Motor will save much money on your electric bills. 
  • It comes with different speed settings, turbo mode and breeze mode being the best. 


  • The RPM rating of the motor could have been a little more than 310. 

5. Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan

51LvGYoE7VL. SL1500
  • Type: Ceiling Fan
  • Motor Speed: 350 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 75 W
  • Blade Sweep Size: 1200 mm
  • Air Flow: 220 m³/min
  • Number of Speed Settings: 5
  • Motor: BLDC
  • Technology: Integrated
  • Remote: Yes
  • Mode: Sleep
  • Warranty: 2 Years

With a standard air movement capacity of 220 cubic meters in one minute, the Havells Efficienvia Neo BLDC ceiling fan is one of the best appliances for large rooms.

The motor has output deliverability of 350 rpm, which is quite amazing. It will make no whirring or speaking noise while the motor is operating, and hence your sleep won’t be disturbed.

Since it can be controlled using a remote, you won’t have to worry about manual operation. Starting from setting the fan’s speed to switching the timer feature for auto-scheduling, you can control all the functions of the fan using the remote.  

It has a power consumption rating of 26-watts, saving at least a thousand bucks from your electric bill in a year.

Besides, the inverter technology’s presence will further help maintain the power consumption within the rated limits. Without any fluctuating voltage, the DC motor will work without any hassle. 


  • Due to the high deliverability of the fan, it can control the room’s temperature easily. 
  • The fan has got five-speed settings, and hence you can set the speed as per your needs. 
  • With a strong and sturdy built, the fan has high durability. 


  • For operating the fan using a remote, you need to be in close vicinity.

6. Sinox 12V DC BLDC Ceiling Fan

12v fan
  • Type: Ceiling Fan
  • Motor Speed: 375 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 32 W
  • Blade Sweep Size: 1200 mm
  • Air Flow: 230 CMM
  • Number of Speed Settings: 5
  • Motor: BLDC
  • Technology: Smart BLDC
  • Remote: Yes
  • Mode: Sleep
  • Warranty: 2 Years

If you are looking for a new and more advanced BLDC fan, the Sinox 12 volt BLDC ceiling fan will be the best pick as it operates on solar energy.

This will reduce your electric power consumption by a huge amount, and hence, you will be able to cut down the monthly bills with ease.

A remote controlling feature is available, which makes Sinox more suitable for domestic purposes. With the help of the remote, you will be able to control most of the functions, starting with speed to the timer feature. 

No matter what the input voltage is at any instance, it will always maintain the output at 12-volts. As a result, the fan will consume steady power, reducing your bills by a huge amount.

Also, the constant voltage across the BLDC motor terminals will help faster and better operation, with enhanced efficiency. That’s why Sinox is considered to be one of the fastest ceiling fans with low power consumption. 


  • During the daytime, the fan will operate on solar energy, thereby cutting down the electricity usage. 
  • The remote’s sensors come with a long-range transmission feature, eliminating the need to be close to the fan. 
  • With aluminium blades and body, the fan is sturdy and robust. 


  • Solar energy harnessing system needs to be set up before the fan’s installation.

7. Jupiter Tricopter BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan

51sogm7p7L. SL1280
  • Type: Ceiling Fan
  • Motor Speed: 385 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 25 W
  • Blade Sweep Size: 1200 mm
  • Air Flow: 210 cfm
  • Number of Speed Settings: 7
  • Motor: BLDC
  • Technology: Inverter Stabilization
  • Remote: Yes
  • Mode: Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, and Timer mode
  • Warranty: 3 Years

A very few ceiling fans are there where the blades have an aerodynamic design, and luckily, the Jupiter Tricopter BLDC motor ceiling fan is one of them.

The blades have an aerodynamic design in this product, with the edges having a slant to provide more surface area for air movement.

That’s one of the primary reasons for the fan’s high CMM rating. As it comes with a BLDC motor, the operation is pretty silent, without any fan noise. This is one of the best features of the appliance. 

In addition to all these features, the beautiful ivory paint on the fan’s body will add more appeal to the room’s aesthetics.

As the coating is anti-corrosive and anti-dust, you won’t have to worry about the paint coming off the fan’s body any time sooner.

So, the appliance is efficient in providing cool air currents within the room and increasing the beauty of the room. 


  • You can control the fan using the remote, starting with speed alteration to changing the operational modes. 
  • Despite having a common sweep area of 1200mm, the air delivery power is quite high, thanks to the aerodynamic blades. 
  • Power consumption of the appliance is minimal due to the presence of brushless motor contacts. 


  • The warranty offered on the product could have been a bit more. 

Things to consider to buy the best BLDC fan in India 

  • Blade size: The first factor you need to consider is the blade’s size. In most fans, the blades are 16” inches long, and that’s why they have a total air sweep area of 1200mm. 
  • Motor rating: Next, you need to consider the RPM rating of the motor, which is the number of revolutions the blades will make in one minute. The higher the rotations, the more will be the fan’s speed. 
  • Smart features: Since most BLDC fans are remote-controlled or IoT-controlled, check the smart features before buying. For example, if you want the fan to operate at its highest speed limit, you need to look for those products with a boost mode. 


BLDC motor is a new technology where the contacts are brushless, and hence, they don’t make any sound while operating.

Also, the brushless contacts don’t need a huge amount of electric power for completing one rotation, so nowadays, ceiling fans with the BLDC motors are chosen more than those with induction motors.

The above article talked about the seven most popular ceiling fans with the brushless motor. Now, based on your requirement, you will have to pick the best one. However, we will recommend the Atomberg Renesa BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan.

It comes with high RPM raring and small LEDs that can be used as night lamps. Suppose you are looking for a ceiling fan with high efficiency. In that case, the Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan will be the best choice. 


1.What is a BLDC fan?

BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current. BLDC fan is a type of ceiling fan that uses a brushless DC motor for operation. BLDC fans are more energy-efficient and durable compared to brushed motors.

2.What are the advantages of using a BLDC fan?

BLDC fans offer several advantages,  they consume less electricity, produce less heat, and require minimal maintenance compared to other fans.

3.Do BLDC fans come with remote controls and smart features?

Most of the BLDC fans are equipped with remote controls, to conveniently adjust fan speed from a distance. Some models come with smart features, such as voice assistants and smartphone apps for remote control.

4.Can I install a BLDC fan on my own, or do I need a professional electrician?

There are no big differences in installation when compared to normal fans. Some may be comfortable installing a fan themselves. We just need spanners and screwdrivers for installation.

5.How do I choose the best BLDC fan for my needs? 

When choosing a BLDC fan, we have to consider factors such as watts, room size, style, smart features (e.g., remote control, smart app, voice assistant), and budget. 

6.Which fan is better, BLDC or normal?

BLDC fans are better as they provide energy efficiency, noiseless operation, and advanced smart features. While other normal fans are affordable and only suitable for basic cooling.

7.Does a BLDC fan really save electricity?

Yes, BLDC fans are usually more energy-efficient than normal fans. It is specially designed with Brushless DC motors, which helps to optimize their performance and reduce energy consumption, which helps to save electricity.

8.Why are BLDC fans expensive?

BLDC fans are more expensive due to specific reasons as it is more energy-efficient and uses advanced technology, smart features such as remote control, voice assistant, etc. It also provides noiseless operation, longer lifespan and helps to reduce electricity bills. So it is more expensive than normal fans.

9.Are BLDC fans slower than normal fans?

No, BLDC fans are similar to normal fans. The airflow of the fan depends on their blades and size of the room.

10.Which is the first invented BLDC fan?

Superfans brand is the first one that invented the BLDC fan in India, which was launched by Versa Drives Private Limited in 2012.

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  1. BLDC ceiling fans not only consume less energy but also have the ability to deliver excellent performance.

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